Ikea Kids Furniture For The Most Important Part of You

All of Ikea’s kids furniture is crafted with care, imagination, and durability. As our children grow, they need a place of comfort, safety, and imagination, not merely a room with furniture, but a place that challenges their young minds, Ikea kids furniture is created with those thoughts in mind.

Children, from the day you bring them home, to the their first day of school, is a wonderland of growth, exploration, and curiosity. Minds that are an open slate, ready and willing to challenge the world with new and exciting thoughts as they march through the years. Ikea kids furniture is crafted, not merely to satisfy creature comfort, but to ignite the imagination and help create an environment, a playground for the body, mind, and soul of your child.

It’s a journey of love, growth and eventually independence and for that to happen, kids need to know their home is a haven of love, comfort, and safety, as well as a place to let their imaginations run free. As your child grows from infant to toddler to a big kid, Ikeas kids furniture is there every step of the way, we love children, they are the future, and our job is to help you, help them in every way possible.

It is through playing, dreaming and exploring that children learn and as they learn, their imaginations need new stimulus. It is with that thought that everything from Ikea, from soft plush toys to secure, healthy kids furniture is created to satisfy multiple needs, one of which is sparking the imagination and discovering the wonders of life around them. Ikea feels there is no better place to do that than at home.

And while imagination should be stimulated, Ikea knows it’s the moms and dads who choose and buy the furniture. That’s why every piece of Ikea kids furniture, be it for babies, toddlers or young kids is crafted with attention both to detail, durability, and price. Children’s beds are created to stand-up to years of hard use and creative adventures, bouncing, climbing, exploring, then settling in for a night of rest and soothing dreams. Ikea creates beds, mattresses, tables, storage, chairs, lighting, textiles, virtually everything needed to turn an empty room into an adventure land. This allows you to pick and choose many different pieces for your child’s room and to create a style that is as unique as you and your children are.

Ikea Childrens BedsIkea Children’s Beds

As your child grows, there will come a time, much too soon, some would say when they outgrow their crib, and it’s time for a big kid bed. Nowhere will you will you fine a more excellent assortment of colors and styles than at Ikea. And because we know how fast they grow, some of our beds are extendable, so they won’t soon outgrow their new selection.

Children’s Mattresses

Ikea knows that children need a mattress that is not only comfortable, letting them sleep sound and secure, but also durable. Accidents do happen, and because of that, each bed is constructed with a breatheable, pressure-relieving fashion and a removable and washable mattress cover. You can be assured your child will dream the night away in clean, comfort.

Ikea is a one-stop shopping experience for children’s furniture, toys, and textiles. With hundreds of choices of where and what to buy, Ikea kids furniture also manufactures the textiles to keep kids comfortable. It’s sure to bring a smile to kids and parents alike as they snuggle in a new blanket, or use a fresh soft towel after they, “brush your teeth before bed”, or a hooded towel for snuggling and goodnight kisses, Ikea textiles let you quickly add comfort and fun at an affordable price. Choose from curtains, rugs, towels or bibs, Ikea has got you and your child covered.

Ikea kids furniture is crafted from materials designed to hold up to the high playtime kids often have, while also keeping a quick and easy cleanup in mind for mom. All the furniture is small in size, created especially for kids, but large on life, ready for play or to be quickly put away.

Children’s Storage

This is children’s storage with the future in mind. No mom or dad wants to buy a new piece of furniture, only to have it useless next year and Ikea knows this. The kid’s storage you’ll find is designed to last for years, and much of it is adjustable as your child grows. Indeed it would be nice if we could keep them small forever, but they grow fast, right before our eyes and their needs change. Ikea has furniture that can grow with your child, wardrobes with shelves that can easily be adjusted for growth spurts.

Ikea Fact: All the storage furniture is created to be viewed from a child’s point of view. There aren’t large dressers or cabinets that can’t be reached; everything is within easy reach making getting dressed much faster and more comfortable, which means more play time. When it’s time for bed, toys can quickly be picked up and stored in just the right places. It’s storage from a child’s point of view with a parents budget in mind.

Ikea is much more than just furniture; it’s about helping your child create a positive learning environment. When IKEA kids furniture is designed, its done so with an eye toward learning, role-playing and stimulating a child’s imagination. Ikea toys are safe and fun and crafted so your child will expend their energy in a positive and learning manner.

Ikea Junior Chairs

There is no worse feeling for a child then when they are too big for a high chair, but too small for an adult sized one. They want to sit at the table and feel loved and appreciated, but how can they do so? The problem is solved with an junior chair, the perfect sized chair for a big kid who has outgrown the high chair and needed to know they have a place in the world, not only in your hearts but at the adult’s table. Moms will appreciate the fact they are easy to clean and stackable, so they can be put away when not needed.

Ikea Lighting For Kids

Ikeas believe in crafting an environment for your child, a situation not only of imagination and durability but safety. The lighting they recommend is the safest in the industry, from nightlights to keep the nightmares away, to room illumination. Each light has a child’s little hands in mind, is durable and safety tested to the highest standards. You can feel safe purchasing any of the Ikea kids furniture line of items.

Children’s Tables

Soon they’ll be eating at the adult’s table, but until then, Ikea kids tables are BPA free, easy to clean and made to suit a child’s sense of wonderment. The utensils are smaller; dishes are too, these are the perfect tables and kitchenware for a playdate.

Ikea kids furniture is family friendly, designed to keep your child’s mind active, but always with an eye toward safety. It’s, for this reason, Ikea has created an entire line of safety features for the home, allowing you to stop worrying about little fingers getting into trouble, they’ve got you covered, with a low-cost suite of easy to install devices designed to keep your child safe.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what an article says about a product; it’s much more important to hear from the people who have bought Ikea’s kids furniture and put it to the test.


George W.

If you’re interested in kids furniture, I want to go on record as recommending Ikea. Now that doesn’t mean I’m easily convinced, I’m not. In fact, I read all the reviews I could find, and not all of them were positive, some complained about the price, which I think is fair, mainly if you live near a showroom and can stop by personally.

Others talked about the durability, which for me has been outstanding. I have a boy with autism, and he’s very rough on everything, but Ikea kids furniture has held up well. I was skeptical when I first brought it home, it looked a bit plain, but that was soon fixed with a coat of stain, some decorations from both my son, my daughter and I, which was a fun experience. Then I sealed the decorations and created a keepsake and memories for later years. My daughter sat on the table, and my son tossed the chairs around, no damage was done, and Ikea held up well. Here are three thoughts that may help with your decision.

1. If you live near a showroom, by all means, stop by and see them for yourself. Bring the kids and let them sit in the chairs or the table, they can be part of the experience. If you don’t live near a showroom, then buy Ikea kids furniture online.

2. The furniture holds merely up, no two ways about it. My kids don’t go easy on furniture, but Ikea still holds up well and looks close to brand new.
3. If you think it seems dull, then spice it up, have some fun with your kids as I did. We used our hands and feet as a paintbrush; then I sealed it with lacquer. It’s become a future family heirloom.

Cathy M.

Both my little girl and Iove the tables. They are the perfect size for her, and when she has her playdates, everyone sits on the small chairs and has play tea time. It’s beautiful, and I’ve taken plenty of pictures which are treasures to me. When she gets a little older, I’ll show her how cute she was. I’m smiling now. Hopefully, she’ll be smiling then. Thank you Ikea, this is the best children’s furniture ever. Three thumbs up from me.
John P.
My 2yo boy weighs 30 pounds, and he’s all boy. He sits on the table, jumps on the table, lays on the table and more. If it weren’t durable, I’d know for sure by now, but it is and has held up well without any issues. Excellent job Ikea kids furniture.

Sharri M.

I just received my table and chairs and couldn’t wait to open the box and see what was inside. Everything was there, and the instructions for assembly were simple and easy to understand. My little girl, only 1yo, love the chair and can climb up and day easily, then sits at the table as a bit of princess. Loving it. Next step is to do a little customizing, but I’m going to leave that for the hubby. Thanks, Ikea.

A company, either good or bad is often a reflection of how it was created and the journey it has gone through to get where it is today. Ikea has its root in the rural lands of southern Sweden, here is a brief history.

Ikea kids Furniture History

Ikea isn’t a new company, in fact, they span multiple decades stretch back to 1926 and the woods of southern Sweden. From humble beginnings, and through creating kids furnishing of quality, they have grown to become a worldwide industry bringing kid’s furniture to 40 countries and territories worldwide.

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of the company, was born on a small farm and worked with his family to keep the farm running smoothly. Even as a young boy, he had dreams of owning his own business.

He started early at age 5, selling matches. He buys them in bulk in Stockholm, when he visited with his father, then he’d sell them for a reasonable price back home, while still making a profit. Over time this grew into selling a wide variety of items, seeks, greeting cards, pencils, always he’d deliver them on time, as promised and at a reasonable price, while still making a small profit.


This was a period of growth and direction for Ingvar Kamprad and Ikea. During these years he began experimenting with catalogs and advertising and a showroom so he could reach a wider audience. Ikea becomes a furniture retailer of merit exploring design and self-assembly.


These are the years when the company began to reach it strike, creating such memorable products as POÄNG and BILLY bookcase. New stores start to open, one after the other.


This would be the decade when Ikea evolves into the Ikea you would recognize today. More signature products are created such as KLIPPAN, LACK and MOMENT. Their market shares increases as the expansion into Italy, the UK, and the USA.


This is another decade of growth, as Ikea takes a directed interest in families with young children and helping them solve their needs. This is also when the Ikea Group is founded with an eye toward the environment and the ethics of doing good business.


Growth continues as the company expands into Japan and Russia. Everything for both the kitchen and bedroom is explored, then presented in a coordinated fashion. Multiple partnerships arise focused on the environment and social consciousness.

Perhaps the reason that Ikea kids furniture has been so widely accepted is that of the people at the top. People who believe in carrying on the traditions and sensibility of their founder. Of offering quality products at an affordable price, of doing business in a way that is both honest and fair.

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