Knitwear Doctor

Knitwear Doctor

With more than twenty years experience, Knitwear Doctor has a reputation of excellence on an international level.
Having being featured in Vogue four times, The Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times, among others.

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High Quality Knitwear Repair

The high quality of excellence is also apparent with clients such as Gucci, Versace, Armani, Loro Piana, Burberry, Hugo Boss. Other companies include Nordstrom, Sax Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

Whatever problem you may have with your garments, there is a great solution which is affordable and of high quality. There is a whole host of various services available, such as repairs and knit alteration, all kinds of sweater repairs and also fixing moth holes.

There is no need to worry about the repair of delicate fabrics, such as cashmere and silk, as there is no fabric that is deemed unworkable. Other specialties include garment shortening, the dyeing of all kinds of fabric, tapering knits and also reweaving of all clothes and other knitwear such as blankets.

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Repairing Knitwear

Knitwear Doctor has extensive experience in repairing all kinds of damaged garments, such as knitwear, sweaters and suits that have been damaged by general wear and tear, burns, pulls, snags, moth holes, tears and rips and being repaired to their original state. General alterations such as adding button and button holes, neckline changing, adding zippers and reweaving of fabric. Working with the custom fashion brand St John Knits because of the high quality provided and the weaving of intricate patterns to ensure a clean, neat finish.

Some of the the many services available are as follows: Tears in all kind of garments Repair of cashmere and silk Moth and silverfish repairs Holes and tears in blankets Damage by pets Snag and pulls Unraveling of collar and neckline Knitted garment repair

How Is The Garment Repaired?

The garment is repaired to high standards, and in order to achieve a good quality repair, a process called re knitting is used. Re knitting involves using the exact same fabric from the garment in order to get an exact match of color and texture.

Furthermore, no machinery is used or needed and all repairs are done by hand. The price ranges from $20 and up, depending on the type of repair needed. It should be noted that if there is more than one moth hole on a garment, you will be charged per garment and not per hole, resulting in a cheap but high quality service.
High quality repairs should only be done by the specialists.

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