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One of the most clear must haves for any women’s wardrobe is that of having at least one knit item.  For me it’s that black knit dress.  I love how it looks and I love how it feels.  I everyone I know that has one feels the same way about that piece of knitwear that they have.  Just as often is that the knit piece is worn for a special event.  What you have often will depend on how outgoing you are.  For example, are you sexy with that black dress, or do you like to let the wild side come out of you?  Perhaps you’re some of both of these, because you understand the value of having knits in your closet.  Either way, what do you do when your knit starts to unravel?

Knit wear clothes...
are items that should be in everyone’s closet.

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When Your Knits Need Repair

Knits if well made, are often the most prized and expensive possession in your closet.  So what do you do if it starts to come unwoven, torn, or damaged in some other way?  
I’ve found that there’s really only two options: To toss your knits, which if they’re favorites or were expensive to you, may not be an option.  Or you have the option of getting them repaired.  That’s where the Knitwear Doctor comes in.


The Knitwear Doctor
If you’re sick you go to a medical doctor. If you’re knits are sick, shouldn’t you go to a knitwear doctor.

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The Knitwear Doctor

The Knitwear Doctor specializes in repairing damage knits.  There can be any number of things that as mentioned before (in part), are damaged and need repair.  One of the many wonderful things about the Knitwear doctor is the use of yarn from your own item to make the repairs.   The power in this is critical.  When the same yarn is used, you’re gaurenteed a color match when the repair is done.  While that may sound simplistic, it’s not always the case. 
Very often what happens with repairs is the very opposite.  That being that yarn from their stockpile and a miss match.  That’s unprofessional at the very least, and in turn runs a real risk of your repair showing to anyone that’s paying attention.  
While you never have to make sure they do great work with your knits, don’t you really want that?    

If you're going to have your knits repaired...
It’s not good enough to just take them to anyone. Make sure that you’re taking (or sending), them to a professional that knows what they’re doing.

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