Kristen Stewart’s Snow White Costume

What do you think about the latest Snow White movie, Snow White and the Huntsman? Have you seen it? I watched this movie on DVD and initially I was a bit skeptical of the plot but as the show progressed I ended up liking it! I particularly like Charlize Theron’s role as the witch queen. She is definitely the coolest character in that movie, especially her costumes. But if Snow White is more your thing then perhaps you are considering going as Snow White for a costume party or for Halloween.

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Kristen Stewart’s Snow White costume is so much fun in this movie, not girly like the classic costume but more spunky. I love it. This costume doesn’t make you look ‘helpless’ and overly feminine.

There are two versions of this costume on Amazon, for adults and tweens. Unfortunately there are none for younger girls.

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New Costume for Snow White

Costumes for adults

Snow White Green Costume

 Snow White and The

Costume for adult. This costume is the one Kristen wore when she was running away from the witch queen. It was originally a dress but the huntsman tore the skirt so that she could move faster.


Snow White Armor Costume

 Snow White and The

Kristen wore this costume when she led the army to attack the witch queen. Sword is not included.


Costumes for tween girls

Kristen Stewart Snow White Tween Costume

 Snow White and The

Kristen wore this costume when she led the army to attack the witch queen. Sword is not included.


Snow White Armor Tween Costume

 Snow White and The

Costume includes gauntlets, boot tops, chest and shoulder pieces.


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