Charlize Theron’s Queen Ravenna Accessories in Snowhite and the Huntsman Movie

This lens is my second article about evil Queen Ravenna costume. In this Evil Queen Ravenna Accessories article, I am showcasing some of Queen Ravenna’s accessories. They are not the exact accessories you saw in the movie or promotional posters but you can check out similar accessories here.

Updated: May 2013

I’ve added three new accessories like the ones in the movie (claw ring, wig, dagger and crown). For the actual costumes (for adults and tweens) visit evil Queen Ravenna costume.

Now if you are thinking of dressing up as an evil queen this Halloween, your costume is somewhat incomplete without matching accessories. Maybe you think that a crown is enough but why not add extra zest to your appearance by adding a claw ring? It’s wicked!

Let’s scroll down to find out more!

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Queen Ravenna’s Earrings

Beautiful dangle earrings with black stones. These earrings are suitable to wear on any special occasion so buying a pair might be a great idea.

 Sterling Silver Black Diamond Elegant Classic Dangle Earrings Teardrop Chandelier Earrings Double Circle Dangling Earrings

Choker ala Queen Ravenna’s

Choker is not my favorite piece of jewelry but I have to admit that these jet black beaded chokers are truly elegant. Wear it with your Queen Ravenna costume or wear it to a cocktail party or to the theater. You surely attract a lot of admirers!

 Chic Victorian/ Gothic/ Burlesque Black Beaded Choker Classic Black Beaded Victorian Black Acrylic Bead Flex

Beautiful Chunky Necklaces to Add Zest to Your Evil Queen Costume

Another piece of jewelry that Ravenna wore is a long beaded necklace. I am not sure the exact color of the beads, they seem to be multi – colored – gray, brown and probably purple. Here are two beautiful long necklace at affordable prices.

 Brown Bead Necklace and Black Necklace and Earring

Charlize Theron’s Evil Queen Ring

 Snow White and The

Ooooohhhh….wicked rings! Love this!


Malevolent Queen Ravenna’s Claw Rings!

If you think the ‘official’ Ravenna’s rings don’t look cool enough then perhaps you might want to consider getting one of the ring featured below. Each ring received fairly good review from users.

 Long Nail Claw Ring Pewter Finger Ring Spike Nail Ring Fashion Jewelry

Queen Ravenna Crown

 Snow White and The

Crown like the one worn by Queen Ravenna in the movie. The crown is made from plastic and includes chain. The price is a bit too pricey but since this is the only ‘Queen Ravenna’s crown’ available out there it might worth your money.


Queen Ravenna Dagger

 Evil Queen Ravenna Dagger

If I were to buy a dagger honestly I don’t know where to put it…slip it on my belt or do I have to carry it everywhere? Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to buy this dagger if you want to complete that Ravenna look.


Queen Ravenna Wig

 Adult Ravenna Wig

This wig looks fine if you plan to wear it with the crown featured above. There seem for be strange flaps of the sides of the wig that stick out like wings. So if you wear the crown it should cover the flaps.


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