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There are a lot of cars for sale out there today. There are also programs out there to purchase new cars. The programs are usually for first time buyers, college students, and those with excellent credit. Another program is car leasing. Car leasing is available for individuals who have satisfactory to A-1 credit.
Have you ever seen the cars that are leased at some of these car leasing places? The best ones are usually located in areas with posh offices. Some of these places have employees who have their noses so far in the air, they should have been named “Snob” instead of Billy Bob with this particular kind of job.
There is a problem concerning the car leasing industry. The problem is the fact that there are no leasing programs for the financially challenged and those who have very bad credit. Even major car rental places do not offer deals to those who have bad credit. Nor for those who are financially challenged.
My definition for those who are financially challenged is when people who have an extemely difficult time coming up with a certain amount of money. Further, they have a difficult time and/or it is nearly impossible to afford a down payment of $300.00 and over. This includes the inability to pay bills and/or monthly fees over $200.00. I feel that there should be a car leasing alternative for people in this category.
A program like this should include:

1)No credit check.
2)No proof of income.
3)Require at least $50.00 to be deducted from a debit or prepaid card.
4)Give the customer the option of paying cash, debit, or prepaid card by the deadline to turn in the car.

5)Give the customer the option of having company car insurance for $10.00 a day or their own insurance.

6)Have a company policy that requires a ten day minimum to ten year maximum on car leasing.

7)After the lease is up for the car, offer the customer an offer to purchase that same car for half the total value of the car, and establish a low down payment and low monthly payment plan at no interest.

Next, pass over those keys, let the customer revv up that engine, and go!

Car Leasing for the Financially Challenged

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