Low Cost Juicers

Best Low Cost Juicers

Juicers can be great to get fresh juice at home without worrying about additives put into pre-made juice. However, when you start to look for juicers you will find lots of high priced juice machines that might scar you away. No worries, there are many Low Cost Juicers that are just as effective as many other juicers and are a lot more affordable.

If your looking for super cheap juicers to help you with small amount of fresh juice you may also consider some hand held juicers. Remember that not all devices need to be high tech with lots of add on gadgets.

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Bodum Bistro Electric Two Speed Citrus Juicer Review

This fun cheap juice machine comes in fun colors and is a simple juicing device that does the job well. The bistro stands out from many low cost juicers because it stands up higher then most allowing you to put more then a very small glass under the juicer to catch juice. Juicer also comes with two nice matching glasses that fit well.

The Bistro Electric Citrus Juicer also has a drip tray and a cyclone function that is hard to find in lower cost juice machines. The drip tray keeps the juicer from making a mess on the counter and the cyclone function removes the pulp from the juice.

Save Money On Juice

Groceries at the store are getting more and more expensive so it is needed to look at every area of our grocery budget to see where we can save money without taking from our way of life. Making your own juice can save you money on your food budget as well as improve diet and fresh juice is always better then processed juice.

To figure out how much money you will save by buying a low cost juicer and making your own juice at home, add up how much you spend on juice. Also look at how much juice is wasted by being left in the refrigerated because it gets old fast. Then estimate the cost of your favorite fruit, this may be simple if you already buy your favorite fruit. If you make fruit juice with fruit you already purchase you can plan that you can take fruit from what you already buy and if you need more fruit you can buy in larger portions allowing you to save more money.

To get you final savings, compare what you spend on regular juice and what you would spend on fresh fruit to make you home squeezed juice.

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