Best Low Cost Heart Necklace For Valentines

Something Special She Will Keep Close To Her Heart

A heart necklace can be a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love and care about but you do not have to go out and spend a lot of money for one. The best kind of jewelry to show you care can cost as low as 50 dollars or less.

You really do not have to spend a lot of money to find the perfect gift that she and you will love. Especially with jewelry looks can be deceiving, you can make this work for you by finding a Valentines necklace that looks like it cost a lot but really cost less than $50.

How To Buy The Perfect Low Cost Valentines Necklace

Nothing is more romantic than a heart pendant. It’s a thoughtful gift for your sweethearts birthday, for holidays or for Valentines Day. Before finding the right necklace you should know a few things about what you want before you start to get the perfect gift.

1. Does she prefer white gold to yellow gold? While you may or may not be buying it right now it is important to know. The simple way to find out is to look at what type of jewelry she wears. If you have seen her wear both fairly regularly it will not be important if the chain and charm is sliver or yellow colored.

2. How long does she wear her chains. Most adults will be fine with a 18 inch chain, while someone that is bigger around the neck may prefer a longer length. The 18″ is just below the neckline, 20″ is just a bit lower and 24″ usually falls to the chest bone.

3. What is the most you want to spend. This is important if all you want to spend is $50 stick to looking at nothing that is more or you will find something you will have to have that costs more.

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