Truly Heart-Shaped Necklaces

Anatomically Correct Heart-Shaped Necklaces

I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s always bothered me that heart-shaped necklaces aren’t actually shaped like hearts. I mean, where’s the aorta, why are the atria the same size, and really, no vena cava? If you would like a heart-shaped necklace that is actually shaped like a heart then look no further. Here are anatomically correct heart-shaped necklaces from Amazon. These would be great to wear during the Halloween season!

Introductory picture was taken by me.

“So I spent seventh grade dotting my ‘I’s’ with little asses? Cool!”
“So I spent seventh grade dotting my ‘I’s’ with little asses? Cool!”
“So I spent seventh grade dotting my ‘I’s’ with little asses? Cool!”

So Where Does the Heart Shape Come From Anyway?

There are a few theories as to where the traditional heart shape comes from. A joke on the Big Bang Theory was that the “heart shape” was actually supposed to represent a woman’s curvy posterior. I was really hoping that was true, but of all the supported theories behind the origins of the heart shape, that is not one of them.

The most accepted theory is that the heart shape comes from the seedpod of a now extinct plant, silphium, which was used as an herbal contraceptive in the 7th century. Another theory is that the heart shape is what people came up with upon reading a description of the heart without actually seeing a heart. This is blamed on Aristotle, whose description of the heart is not quite accurate.

Antique Anatomical Human Heart Necklace

This is a very detailed heart necklace. It’s bronze and is available with an antique gold-tone finish (the one on the left) or a silver plated finish (the one in the middle) or just as yellow bronze (the one on the far right). You can see all the parts of the heart, and there are even veins etched onto the outside of the ventricles.


Anatomical Zombie Heart Necklace

At 2.5″ long this heart is bigger than the others. It’s very detailed and has what looks like stitches along the right outer atrium. This necklace is pewter metal with a silver tone. The heart is two and a half inches tall. It’s on a 24″ chain.


Anatomical Heart Shaped Locket

This true heart-shaped locket is 1.5″ tall. It’s white bronze on a 30″ chain. It closes with magnets and the chain has a toggle clasp. It’s not quite as detailed as the other hearts, but it does show some detail. This locket is white bronze. The heart is one and a half inches tall. It’s on a 30″ chain with a toggle clasp. The locket closes with a magnet.


Human Heart Necklace with Garnet Stone

This heart is 1.75″ tall on a 30″ chainThis necklace is silver toned metal and it has a small garnet lens stone on the heart to add some blood red color to this necklace.

Tell-Tale Heart Choker

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, this choker has a true heart locket. The locket is held closed with a small black satin ribbon. On the inside of the locket, beneath blood-red enamel, is written, “It is the beating of his hideous heart.” This choker is black velvet. It’s adjustable from 13.5″ to 15″. The heart locket is made of pewter.


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