LSU Themed Baby Shower Gift Basket

Baby Shower Gift Basket

Whether you’ve graduated from LSU or are simply from the neighborhood, the LSU themed baby shower gift basket is an ideal present to give to your friend’s Lil tiger. The colors are gender neutral so you don’t have to worry about the baby being a boy or a girl. Moreover, it adds that personal touché with memories of shared times sewn in together, celebrating something more than just the arrival of a baby in the world. 


It’s LSU, so there will be a  lot of purple and orange with tiger print thrown in. Jamie has crafted an excellent basket packed with goodies, which include a blanket, Fleur-di-lis appliqué onesie, reversible car seat strap covers, a pacifier leash and a burp cloth, all screaming LSU! She threw them all in a nice little purple basket with strips of the fabric tied on the side to complete the look with finesse.
The baby blanket was made with 1 yard each of two different cotton fabrics to match the LSU home colors of purple leopard print and orange with tiger print on them. When completed, the blanket will last the mum through the child’s toddler years. You can select the pattern you’d like to cut up the fabric to make a beautiful blanket.
Car seat strap covers require just one ride for babies, especially toddlers to mess up, making it essential to change them frequently. You can cut up the LSU themed fabric a little longer for the baby so it can be used for a longer time. This must be the easiest thing to make on the basket as the fabric needs to be stitched together with adequate batting for cushioning inside and Velcro straps on the side. 
Pacifiers are the most thrown around objects by babies, hence putting them on leash helps keep them attached to the baby. The leash can be a little tricky to master, but Jamie says it’s the easiest way to do it. Anyway, there is the pacifier on one side and the clip on the other sewn together. For the LSU themed basket, of course, the pacifier has been made with purple leopard print, while you can also use the tiger print if you like. 
You can pick a plain onesie from the market and stitch a piece of the LSU themed fabric, cut up in a nice pattern onto the front of the onesie. 
The burp cloth is made with a 6-ply burp cloth and 7” width of LSU fabric to match the burp cloth size. A zig-zag stitch has been used to sew the edges together, which have also been re-serged with white thread.
The purple basket has been picked from the dollar store and the left over strips of purple and orange cloth were tied on either end of the basket handle to complete the look. The blanket has been neatly rolled and a black bow holds it that way while it is placed on the edge of the basket. The onesie has been folded so that the appliqué stands out prominently in front to match the looks of the basket. The rest of the knick knacks have been placed around neatly.

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