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I love costumes! In fact I wrote lots of web pages related to costumes especially the ones that are recently released. Last year I wrote several Squidoo pages (lenses) about this topic and you can find some of them on the links provided at the bottom of the page.
I think Man of Steel costume will be one of the hottest costumes among little kids and adults come Halloween this year. I can foresee the other characters like General Zod, Jor-El and Faora will have their own costumes. Of course these costumes are not available yet but I believe Amazon will start selling them in the coming months, most probably after the movie is released on theaters.
I will continue to update this page from time to time so make sure you bookmark this page so you won’t miss out!
At the meantime I am showcasing some Superman costumes (that are available on Amazon) on this page. Perhaps you want to attend a costume party and dressed as Superman, eh? ;).


Man of Steel Costume for Adults

Muscle Chest Superman CostumeMuscle Chest Superman Costume
No six-pack tummy? Well this costume solve the problem for you. The chest part is already molded with a fake rubber six-pack. Looks hilarious if you are a bit err…chunky…but this costume does look good. According to one reviewer, the colors are very vibrant – red is truly red, blue is truly blue. Available in small (34-36″), medium (38-40″) and large (42-44″) sizes. Click on the button below to read more reviews.


Superman Costume for Boys

Boys Superman CostumeBoys Superman Costume
Cool thing about this costume is that it is available in toddler size. Now that’s what I call the toddler power! Many reviewers commented the quality of the costume is good but the cape might be a bit too heavy for pint size superheroes. The cape can be removed though.


Supergirl Costume for Adults

The first costume (on left) is available in kids sizes but last I checked they are out of stock. It comes with belt and boot tops. However, if you think you don’t want to show too much skin (upper chest), there is a second option (on right).

 DC Comics Secret Wishes Adult Supergirl Costume

Supergirl Costume For Kids

Supergirl costume available in several sizes including toddler size. Costume includes a Supergirl dress, attached red cape, boot tops in shiny material and belt.

 Supergirl Costume

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