Media Storage Tower

CDs and DVDs Storage Solution: Media Storage Tower

Do not hesitate to grab one media storage tower to organize neatly your CDs, DVDs, video games and any other media collection in a trendy way.

This kind of media storage furniture features stylish design such as the one shown in the picture. It offers ample storage space for you to keep your favorite media collection in an easy-access way.

There is a different type of models for you to choose from; some come with a door whereby certain units feature revolving base. Stay on to explore and pick one that fulfills your buying criteria; then say goodbye to mayhem media situation.

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Slim Media Storage Tower with Adjustable Shelves

The slim storage tower is an ideal pick in case there is limited space at home or in the scenario that your collection is in small quantity (less than 261 CDs/ 132 Blu-rays/ 114 DVD). As the title implies, they are feature adjustable shelves to accommodate different sizes of multimedia for better organization and reserve for future changes. On top of that, they are designed with a wide base to offer extra stability.

Atlantic 74735728 Oskar 261 Media Tower P2Atlantic 74735728 Oskar 261 Media Tower P2. #adBuy NowTall Media Storage Tower with Adjustable Shelves in Espresso FinishTall Media Storage Tower with Adjustable Shelves in Espresso Finish. #adBuy NowOak & Black Slim Multimedia Storage TowerOak & Black Slim Multimedia Storage Tower. #adBuy Now

Popular Double Medio Storage Tower Furniture

The double units also come with a wide base and fully adjustable shelves. This type of media storage furniture is the best choice for those who have a medium-sized collection of CDs, DVDs, and video games.

Prepac Media Storage Cabinets with 51″ Height

The right side unit is slightly bigger than the left side one in terms of wide measurement. In other words, it manages to keep more media. According to the manufacturer, it could store 270 DVDs, 1640 CDs, 60 videos or 140 Disney videos or any combination of the above media.

Double Media Storage TowerDouble Media Storage Tower
22″W x 51″H x 8.75″D. #ad

Double Media Storage FurnitureDouble Media Storage Furniture
38.75″W x 51″H x 8.75″D. #ad

Venture Horizon with 52″ Wide

The following Venture Horizon models are bigger than the above two Prepac units in terms of overall measurement. If compare themselves, the right side unit is taller than the left side one. I think you’ll interest to know the storage capacity of 50″ versus 76″ height:
CDs 928 vs. 1508; DVDs 468 vs. 624; Blu-rays 504 vs.756; Disney tapes 200 vs. 304

Venture Horizon Media Storage TowerVenture Horizon Media Storage-Tower
52″W x 50″H x 9.5″D
Available color: oak, black, white, cherry, dark walnut. #ad

Double Media Storage Tower BookcaseDouble Media Storage Tower Bookcase
52″W x 76″H x 9.5″D
Available color: black, dark walnut. #ad

Library Style Media Storage Tower – Tall Triple

Library Style Media Storage Tower Tall Triple

Do not hesitate to consider this triple media tower that features 3 separate compartments if your media collection as much as the guy in the video.

This storage furniture is launched by a famous manufacturer, Perpac. It comes with an enlarged base for stability purposes and fully adjustable shelves for better organization. Thus, you are allowed to change the shelve position in case there is a need in the future.

Honestly, I wish to own one if there is enough space at my home because I like its library-style that easy for sorting and filling; and ample storage space for the on-growing collection.

Did I mention its measurement? It is 56 inches wide by 51 inches high by 8-3/4 inches deep. According to buyers, this unit is easy to assemble; and most importantly it looks nice and makes the decoration of the media room an attractive accent.

Options of Media Storage Tower with Doors

Some people like to pick a storage cabinet with a door as it keeps media collection away from dust. Having said that, there are two different types of doors available: wooden and glass.

CDs and DVDs Storage Cabinet with Wooden Door

If you prefer to hidden your media collection, then a storage cabinet with a wooden door is an ideal pick as it manages to keep CDs and DVDs out of sight. The left side one is a similar model as seen in the above video which features pocket shelves in the door to offer extra storage space.

Pocket Shelves in the DoorsPocket Shelves in the Doors
Dimensions: 17.5 x 15 x 68 inches
3 adjustable and 4 fixed shelves
10 pocket shelves in the doors
390 CDs; 240 DVDs; 307 Blu-ray discs. #ad

Media Storage Cabinet with DoorMedia Storage Cabinet with Door
Dimensions: 6.5 x 15 x 68 inches
7 adjustable and 2 fixed shelves
270 CDs; 168 DVDs; 200 Blu-Ray discs. #ad

Wood Media Storage Tower with Glass Door

If you want to protect your favorite CDs and DVDs from dust, at the same time showcase your media collection to the guest, then consider grabbing one from the following wood storage cabinet. I personally found that the left side unit features a modern look whereby the right side one comes with an antique design. What do you think?

Walker Edison Modern DVD Storage TowerWalker Edison Modern DVD Storage Tower
Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 41 inches
Holds 100 DVDs, or other media. #ad

Winsome CD/DVD Cabinet with Glass DoorsWinsome CD/DVD Cabinet with Glass Doors
Dimensions: 9.2 x 22 x 44.2 inches
Store up to 135 DVDs or 205 CDs. #ad

Swivel Multimedia Storage Tower

As a movie lover or video game addict, I am sure you have been collect a lot of CDs and DVDs as time goes by. In case you are facing a limited space issue to keep your media collection is a well-organized way, then a swivel tower is the best storage solution for you. As the above video is shown, this kind of storage furniture could be spinning effortlessly to allow the owner access to the collection from either two or four sides.

2 Sided Spinning Multimedia Storage Tower
2 sided spinning media storage tower is an ideal pick for medium-sized collections. They are feature fully adjustable shelves. The dimension of the following units is no much different; means that their storage capacity (about 500 CDs) is almost equivalent. The option you have is with or without a door.

2 Sided Swivel Media Storage Tower2 Sided Swivel Media Storage Tower
15.5″W x 52.5″H x 12.5″D. #ad

Spinning Storage Tower with DoorsSpinning Storage Tower with Doors
14 1/2″W x 50″H x 15 3/4″D. #ad

4 Sided Media Storage Swivel

Look no further than 4 sided revolving storage cabinet if you are a serious collector who facing limited space at home. You may have many CDs and DVDs to completely load the tower, but it reserves ample storage space for the near future.

Venture Horizon 4 Sided Media Tower SwivelVenture Horizon 4 Sided Media Tower Swivel
Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 56 inches
Available color: black, oak, cherry, dark walnut
Holds up to 612 CDs, 288 DVDs, 368 Blu-rays discs. #ad

Prepac Four Sided Media Storage SpinnerPrepac Four Sided Media Storage Spinner
Dimensions: 18.8 x 18.8 x 65 inches
Available color: black, oak
Store up to 1040 CDs, 476 DVDs, 280 videos. #ad

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