Mikasa Crystal Martini Glasses

Mikasa Crystal Martini Glasses

The Mikasa crystal martini glasses are really the nicest looking ones available and have the best designs. The only alternative really is to get plain old clear glasses.

There are currently very much on sale so you need to keep reading to find out more. Should there be any other sales you can be sure to find them on this page.

If you want a little character to your martini drink then these glasses will get you there so please learn all about them.

Don’t miss the video on this page which shows you how to make a really nice martini which is considered a classic American cocktail.


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Mikasa Crystal Martini Glasses


Mikasa Crystal Martini Glasses

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Mikasa Crystal Martini Glasses


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These Mikasa martini glasses are a bestseller on Amazon because they have neat designs, are made in France and are of the highest quality for a great price.

They are great for entertaining in your own home and are also a super great gift to give anyone for any occasion. Read some more of the great features.

  • Comes in a set of four and are seven and one half inches tall
  • Made out of lead crystal and have the classic martini glass shape that you often see
  • Has very thin stems and a thin rim too so you can easily drink out of it
  • The designs includ pinstripes, horizontal lines, circles, and a swirl so everyone can have their favorite
  • These should be hand washed and not placed in the dishwasher

Mikasa Martini Glasses Ratings And Review Summary

What are people saying about this Mikasa martini set?

These martini glasses are really fun and perfect for any gathering at home or somewhere else. That is one of the amazing reviews on Amazon for this glass set.

Four stars plus over 25 reviews.:

  • These are really sturdy glasses and elegant too perfect for any party or get together
  • These feel really good in your hand and aren’t a burden to carry around
  • These are the perfect size of martini glass. They aren’t huge and overbearing and they are too tiny and petite either
  • Several reviewers called these glasses “lovely” and I also heard that both men and women equally like these glasses

Having four different patterns makes it a lot easier for everyone to know which glass is theirs during a party or casual gathering. Read the rest of the reviews.

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