Minecraft Steve Head – Retro Inspired Halloween Costumes

Chances are, you have at least heard of Minecraft by now.  It is, after
all, one of the most popular video games of the past decade (at least).
It is one of those games that, quite literally, sneaks up on you when
you are least expecting it.

It typically starts off rather innocently yet, somehow, it quickly
escalates into an obsession. One more block…five more minutes…before
you know it, two hours has past.

Why not show off your love for this retro-inspired, pixilated power
house of perfection by wearing an awesome Minecraft Steve Head to your
next Halloween party?

Featured Outfit: Minecraft Steve Head
as sold on Amazon

Minecraft Enderman Head

Last season, I simply could not figure out why the only heads that were available were of Steve and Creepers.

Sure, the Steve Mask is perhaps my personal favorite, but I could not help but wonder whether or not the game designers were leaving money on the table by not releasing an Enderman head.

Seriously! These things are pretty wicked!

Fortunately, it looks like this oversight has been corrected for 2013. We are already seeing Enderman costumes in stock on Amazon leading up to Halloween!

Featured Item: Minecraft Enderman Costume
as sold on Amazon

Minecraft Creeper Head

Without a doubt, the Creeper costume was among the hottest costume ideas for 2012.

With the sudden explosion of people now playing the game, one can only assume that this trend will continue in 2013.

This is, of course, not surprising since this look is so versatile. You
could easily wear this mask to an office party or on a night out with
your friends. It may just be one of the most flexible adult Halloween
costumes ever created.

Plus, it is fun to be the bad guy for once!
Featured Item: Minecraft Creeper Head

Minecraft Foam Weapons – Cool Costume Accessories

In addition to the sensational Minecraft costume heads that are currently available, you can also find a wide selection of pixilated inspired weapons that really do help round out your overall look perfectly!

Exclusive Minecraft Foam Diamond SwordExclusive Minecraft Foam Diamond SwordpriceSDS Exclusive MC Gold SwordSDS Exclusive MC Gold SwordpriceExclusive Minecraft Foam Diamond PickaxeExclusive Minecraft Foam Diamond Pickaxeprice8 Bit Pixelated Black Stone Foam Gun Toy 108 Bit Pixelated Black Stone Foam Gun Toy 10″price8 Bit Pixelated Green Foam Gun Toy 108 Bit Pixelated Green Foam Gun Toy 10″priceSDCC 2013 Minecraft Foam Gold PickaxeSDCC 2013 Minecraft Foam Gold Pickaxeprice

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