My favorite holiday bar none is Christmas.  I know some that love the July 4th the best because of the fireworks.  I know others that love Easter, because of all the candy.  But thing again there are those that absolutely love Valentines Day for the same reason…candy!  But for me, it’s Christmas.  It always has been and probably always will be.  When I was little, like most little girls, I loved dolls.  Those with long beautiful blond hair come to mind.  A doll that as I remember was named Velveteen and in a purple velvet dress.  She was 18 inches long and had hair almost as long.  The length of her hair was controlled by a knob in her back.  She was a beauty. 

As I’ve grown up that doll and the doll house have changed, at least to a point.  Now I have 5 children and a home.  But my dream home, well it remains a dream and as you can see from the picture to the right, quit a dream.  These types of homes are those that you may chose to invest in as real estate to own, or real estate to rent out.  As you can see, my dreams are grand and more then worth it.

While your dreams may not be the same, I hope that you will be inspired to set your dreams high.  Even if you don’t reach them, at least you’re further then you were without them.  Also consider many of the assets in the homes I’ve placed in this Sirgo.  It may be just what you needed to start your dreams.  

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Do you remember playing with those children’s little piano that while they were ‘in tune’ always some how sounded like nails on a chalkboard?  Just like the toy dollhouse and doll, I’ve change that annoying children’s piano in for something much grander.  A grand piano in fact.  

This is one of those items that it really doesn’t matter if you can play or not.  Someone in your home or a guest will be able to play and you’ll have that beauty right there sitting waiting for them.  I love the black ones, but anyone color will do just fine.  After all, it is a beautiful piece of equipment isn’t it?  

Now you may not want one, but I’m sure there’s something just as grand that you do want, what is it (please answer in the comments section). 

How grand is your dream?
If you say, “not really”, then you need to reevaluate your dreams.

Grand Entertainment

Grand Entertainment

While you may never want to watch tv, watching movies in your home on a tv this big would truly be a moving experience.  I know there are some that would, but how do you argue with a full size Thor on that screen?  You can go back to the future with know problem.  And all of those tackles that you see on Sunday, you’re guaranteed to feel like part of the play.

Imagine if you will inviting your father-in-law over to watch his favorite team.  You’ll be best of friends in no time at all.  I unfortunately have a husband that doesn’t really care for sports.  It’s a sad sad day when footballs on.  He tends to work and I tend to explain football to our girls.  He shakes his head and really tries to understand how I can know so much.  Ummm, I watch and on a tv this size, I’d watch a whole lot more.

Ahhh for the love of the game!
That alone is reason enough to have a tv the size of a movie screen!

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