Network Marketing That Makes Sense

Network Marketing That Makes Sense | Well … Kind of!

Network marketing, a.k.a. multilevel marketing (MLM) is one of the most
famous forms of working at home. It is also one of the most
misunderstood practices both by those who are involved in it, and those
who are not.

Due to the numerous scams disguised in network marketing business
opportunities, people tend to use the two terms as akronyms. This is not
only unfair for the serious companies that utilize word-of-the-month as
their sole method of advertising, it is also unfair for those who
rejected the idea and consequently lost the opportunity to make serious
money with legit and reputable network marketing companies.

The Typical Network Marketing Model

Why it doesn’t make sense?

The vast majority of the network marketing models involve you buying
their product(s) on a monthly basis in order to qualify, and when you
refer new customers to do the same you make a commission on their
monthly purchases.

It is justifiable because this is why the company is in business; to
make money. But at the same time it is unfair if you don’t need those
products, or if they will be added to your monthly expenses as new

This makes it a burdon on your budget. And you’ll have to work harder to
make as many sales as possible to break even and start earning money.

In fact, I believe that the vast majority of those who drop network
marketing in their early stages do so because they are spending more
money than before (on the new items), and at the same time they are not
experienced enough to make it work for them and pay for itself before
they make any profit.

When Does Network Marketing Make Sense?

And consequently make you money?

Network marketing only makes sense if you are not going to add new items to your monthly budget.

And this happens only if the company you are involved with sells items that you buy anyway on monthly basis.

If, for example, you are a new mom and you spend like a hundred bucks on
diapers every month, would it make sense for you to join a network
marketing company that sells diapers?

Of course it does. From one side you are already spending that money on
diapers. Instead of just wasting that money you invest it in your
network marketing business by switching the diapers budget to your

From another side, you don’t have to shop for diapers and collect
coupons for diaper discounts. Instead they will be shipped to your door
every month.

You know what, I think it sounds a great idea for a new network marketing company ;-).

Build Your Assets

While some marketers try to learn it via trial and error, seminars, 3-way-calls … etc, others are taking it serious and going to school for years to learn how to do marketing the right way.

So if you have no time to go to school for learning marketing, at least get the marketing knowledge from the source, not from another amateur.

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Does This Company Really Exist?

Even though I don’t think they do exist, there is more to network
marketing than the product. There is the salesmanship for one. And this
is the kind of skills that can not be overcome in any kind of marketing.
I mean if you can’t convince me to buy your product, and buy it from
you or through you, what’s the point of having the best product in the

I don’t know about you, buy I personally don’t have this salesmanship,
at least no in one-on-one basis. I might be good at writing sales
letters, but in a way that makes sense to the reader. In other words, I
don’t sell in my sales letters, instead I show the readers what my
product can do for them.

But when it comes to talking, I am a terrible salesman.

If this is something that rings a bell in your head, then I have a
suggestion. Why not put the network marketing thing aside, just for now,
and train in the affiliate marketing field? In affiliate marketing
there is a very small chance of you having to call a customer or
convince them one-on-one to buy your product.

And it can be as simple as sending traffic to a web page, and as
complicated as training a call center to close sales for your clients.
So if you start the ladder from the bottom and make your way up to the
top you’ll be building the salesmanship skills and experience that you
can later use for network marketing if you still think it makes sense.


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