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Advertising with The Weather Network

Hi Everyone,
We are trying a new online advertising vehicle starting
today.  We noticed that our advertising within Canada was no where
near the level it has been within the United States, so we decided
to try The Weather Network Advertising company named DenneBoom. We
have placed ads on The Weather Networks web site.
The graphic associated with this article will be changed to
reflect our current thoughts towards this campaign.  Please leave
any comments as to experiences you have had with The Weather
Network Advertising in the comments and ratings below.  I am very
interested to hear if anyone else has any experience with
Currently, we are targeting a smaller market within their
system in order to see how it all works.  Our first advertising is
supposed to begin today.  The advertisements have begun displaying
as of 11AM this morning.  We are now giving this advertising method
a thumbs up.  They are delivering as promised.
We will keep a log of how the advertising progresses and what
the results are.  This should allow others to use this article as a
gauge as to whether or not The Weather Network Advertising will be
beneficial to them. 
Overall Results
Customer Support: 10/10
Email Response: 10/10
Volume of Traffic: 0/10
Overall Value: 0/10
The following will be our daily results from this campaign. 
It will be basically be what our visits are.
December 6th 2012: 0/10 – We
received no hits from the campaign.  Changed graphic to reflect the
fact that we are not sure about the results now.
December 7th 2012: We received 2 hits from
this campaign yesterday. We are still leaving the status at unsure
but the preliminary results are not looking good at the
December 8th 2012: We received 2 hits
December 9th 2012: We received 4 hits
December 10th 2012: We received 2 hits
At this point of time, it is obvious that advertising on the
weather network does not work.  At least for us.  This does not
mean that it may not work for local businesses, it very well may,
but for us it just does not work.  We have given this service a
thumbs down.  We paid $237.50 for advertising on their site and
received about 10 hits.  This is definitely a complete advertising

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