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The Share a Sale affiliate network is one of the best performance networks that I have worked with in a long time!  Not only do they have a wide array of products to market, but they have one of the best back offices that I have come across.
Currently, the Share a Sale platform has over 2,500 merchants that you can apply to work with. With this many merchants, can you imagine how many products that gives you access to promote?  Tons!  No matter what your passion is, or your niche is, they have it all.  From baby products to wedding dresses, and too many more to mention!
The back office of Share a Sale gives you real time reporting of stats, all the banners and text links that you will need to market with, and all of this is displayed in a very organized way.  
I can’t say enough about this program, and I’m sure that my explanation does not give it nearly as much justice as it deserves, so I highly encourage you to take a look at it for yourself, and if you see what you like, jump on this opportunity and make this network one of the ones you focus your advertising efforts on.  You won’t regret it!

Free and Easy To Join

Share A Sale Signup

Signup for ShareASale is quick and easy.  The application asks you to enter a valid website URL (top level domains, ie – .com’s are preferred but not necessary) and a valid email address. 
There is also a place on the application that allows you to describe how you are intending to promote products on the Share A Sale platform.  
Acceptance or denial is fast, and payments are made on the 20th of the month, for any sales (as long as you reach the $50 minimum payout) that took place on the following month (by the last day of the month.)  Commission payments are made by check or by direct deposit.  
To check out the Share A Sale affiliate network, click on the banner to be taken directly to their website. 

Online Marketing Training

Looking for some great affiliate marketing training? Tried to market online in the past but haven’t had the results you desire? Interested in promoting affiliate products in an effective way, but not sure how to pull it all together? One Week Marketing may be able to help!


One Week Marketing is the same program that I followed and it was the solution to my problem of stumbling around the internet, chasing my tail, never making a profit. This program is a training portal that shows you some great ways to market any affiliate program online in a profitable way….. using nothing but FREE marketing methods.


I swear by this training program, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the same position that I was.


To check it out and to see just how much you can make, click on the picture and watch the free webinar to learn a little more about it.


More Marketing Info

More Marketing Info


My biggest piece of advice to you as a fellow online marketer would be…. The online marketing field is so vast and so open right now, there is room for each and every one of us to make as much money as we want to make! There are so many opportunities around us all the time that we may not have even noticed before. If you are struggling to achieve the success you desire, don’t panic…. just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward! Good luck with whatever products you chose to promote and Don’t EVER GIVE UP!

More Training Info


For more marketing info, click on the link below and take a look at my marketing blog.

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