Nuns Are Empowered With Kung Fu to Break Bricks And Fight Human Suffering – WATCH

These nuns are spending three hours every day exercising the physical, alongside the spiritual—and you wouldn’t want to face them down in a fight.

The Buddhist Drukpa Order is the only one in Nepal in which the nuns practice martial arts.

Their empowering claim to fame includes daily training, during which they break bricks with their bare hands.

Real super heroes in the Himalayas, these strong women were able to deliver supplies after an earthquake struck Kathmandu in 2015—successfully aiding hard-to-reach villages.

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The kung fu nunnery has also taught self-defense classes for women and the devotees have biked over 14,000 miles to protest the human trafficking of women and girls.

(WATCH the fascinating video from our partners at Great Big Story)

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