Office Chair with No Armrests? Not a Good Idea

Why People Take Them

Most of the highly reated office chairs have armrests for you to place your forearms during a minute of rest or support your elbows when working on the desk. Yet, sometimes people opt for chairs with no armrests. There night be several reasons behind this choice including the assumption that it will interfere with the work or the intention to keep the employees from giving in to sleeping. Most of the time, though, the price difference plays a key role in the decision to get the no armrest chair. Indeed, faced with the fact that it is impossible to get all the desired features wit hthe budget at hand, customers are quick to sacrifice the armrest. But is it really a good idea to buy a chair with no armrest? Below, I explain very briefly why armrests are such an indispensable element of a good office chair that would foster both health and productivity in the office.

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Why You Need the Armrest

If you have ever typed for long hours on a desk and had nothing to put your elbows on, you must have come across the terrible choce of keeping your arms in the air or letting them rest on the sharp edges of your desk. The first choice is not sustainable if you are more interested in finishing your project than building arm muscles. Sooner or later you let your arms go down and after a few hours, taste the pain from bruises on your forearms. This is not only unhealthy and stressful, it is also a distraction that prevents you from concentrating. This is one instance where having no armrest is a barrier to achieving maximum productivity.
Armresrs also allow you to muster the help of your arms im keeping your torso in good posture. Without them, you are more likely to lean forward or to the sides and leaning is the number one cause of the back pain that plagues people who sit all day. Moreover, if you let your employees to lean forward instead of enjoying a moment’s rest by putting arms on the armrest, they will be mroe likely to end up as what you see in the photo.

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