Parents Recreate McDonald’s Drive-thru in Lockdown to Give 2-Year-old Her Favorite Birthday Treat (WATCH)

While countries were still in lockdown and most places were closed, these parents decided to go the extra mile to make their daughter’s second birthday special.

With a lot of imagination, and help from a close friend, they recreated a McDonald’s drive through experience at home in New Zealand.

Marekura’s favorite treat is a cheeseburger from the famous fast food restaurant, but since they were all closed, they devised a plan to install their own social-distancing ‘drive thru’ window.

“What are we doing in the car?” her Māori-Italian parents asked.

“I don’t know,” their two children replied.

The good vibes began as the kids saw the uniform—with golden arches—on their friend in the window—and the bags that were passed to them in the car. The food was all homemade and wrapped with the M logo.

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Of course, the parents didn’t forgot the toy, included with every Happy Meal.

WATCH the drive-thru fun…

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