Pedestal Fans and Noise

The first electric fans built more than a century ago were heavy and bulky devices that made a lot of noise. Despite their rough build, they were very popular because they freed people from the old hand fans and provided a breeze by simply pushing a button. With the rapid progress of technology, it looks like we are no longer worried about the airflow power of the fans because most household fans nowadays provide decent airflow. People, today, are more interested in other features such as elegant design, energy efficiency and of course, quietness.
When we are talking about pedestal fans, loudness is a key issue. If you have very loud fan in your room, it can interfere with activities that require softer sound to be easily heard. For instance, you could have a hard time watching TV, when your stand fan is making a lot of noise. If you’ve got a fan that is truely noisy, you could even have difficulty hearing people talking in the room. Sleep is another thing that does not go together with a loud fan. Although some people actually like to hear white noise from the fan during sleep, most despise the sound and would rather not hear it once they go to bed.
The question is how you find the most quiet stand fan. There are basically two ways.
First, you should check the product specs of the fan models, you would like to purchase. You can do this online or you can go to a store to talk to a sales person about the fan. The decibel rating is a good indicator of loudness.
Next, you should read product reviews to see what other people think of the fan’s noise level. This step is actually more important than the first step because unlike the company data, customer reviews are not there to lure you into buying the product. By reading reviews, you are much more likely to get a clear idea about the fan’s noise.

How do you find the most quiet fan

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