PotPieGirl’s One Week Marketing – Read This BEFORE Buying The Program

One Week Marketing Review – Can You Really Make Money Online Using Free Tools And Free Websites?

Here we go again – there’s a new online marketing training program available called One Week Marketing– it’s another course claiming to teach you how to make money online…

…it’s another guide promising to reveal the “secrets” to online wealth and fortune… 

…it’s another program stating that creating an online business is possible if you’ll only just follow and act on the advice that is provided…

So, how does One Week Marketing compare to other online money making courses?

Before I discuss in detail my honest opinion, let me share with you a brief history of my online money making efforts — maybe your story is very much the same.

Off and on for the last several years, I’ve been
 looking for simple instruction, honest guidance and affordable training to help me learn online and affiliate marketing.

The problem is, there must be hundreds of programs out there promising to make me filthy rich if I sign up for their training.

A lot of those offers sure sounded good and it was tempting to purchase those candy coated BS offers… 
…and I purchased my share of them…
…and then eagerly got busy “making thousands of dollars a day within the next month.”  
What a joke and a waste of my time and money! 
And after I “opted-in” to those online marketing “gurus” email lists, I was slammed everyday with sales pitches…

…another email about the latest, greatest, “fool-proof,” “auto-pilot,” program…

…another email promising to show you how to make $1000’s of dollars a month in 30 days – with as little as 30 minutes of work – and other such silly claims and ridiculous bull.
And as I also know from my own experience, once I realized that it really doesn’t work that way, I was confused about what to do next… 

…should I buy just ONE more online “secret revealed” product…

…or just completely give up on online marketing, thinking that it’s just too hard and all the people selling their crap are all a bunch of scam artists?

In the past, I tended to lean more in the direction of the crooked crap sellers, even though I was beginning to understand that making money online was a little harder than I first realized.

Yep, it does take work.
So, here’s my advice – don’t give up yet.

I actually found the training system that I believe will honestly show me how to make money online.

Are you a newbie looking to get started in the online marketing and affiliate selling business?
Are you a somewhat experienced marketer with hit-and-miss results?
Then you should take a look at a system that has helped me and THOUSANDS of other people begin earning money with free-to-use web tools and properties.

Best Home Based Business Of 2013?

Yep – the system I’m referring to is One Week Marketing and it focuses on creating money making lenses on SirGo, Squidoo and other similar free websites.
I know, I know – at the beginning of this review, I described it as just “another” online marketing course.
But the truth is, it IS another training system that actually provides real value to its students and is among the best home based businesses of 2013.

Here’s something I like to think about every chance I get…
…if I could create a free website that, let’s just say, earned me $75 a month, then how many of those free websites would I create?
Heck, how many of those free websites would YOU create? 

That’s an easy enough question to answer…

free money from free website

Ok, so now you’re probably thinking, “Oh yeah, sure, just another sounds too-good-to-be true rip off.”

Yep, normally I would agree with you except for one thing – this program lets you take a free look at the training BEFORE making any financial commitment.
And no, I’m not talking about buying the training then taking 60 days to try it out. I mean you can experience some of the actual training for free before ever spending a dime.


sneak peek

Legitimate Internet Business Opportunity

One Week Marketing (OWM) was created by Jennifer Ledbetter (I love that last name – truly an authentic name of the South!)

She’s known online as PotPieGirl (don’t know the story behind THAT name, though).

She’s developed a reputation as a creator of legitimate Internet business opportunities.

Her story is a classic rags-to-riches tale that finds a struggling single mother desperately seeking a way to provide for her family during a time of economic turmoil and devastating job losses.

If you’re like me and Jennifer and have been in a similar situation, then you know  the anxiety of simply living to survive… 
…especially at night when you’re alone with your thoughts,  there’s that gut wrenching pain that drains you of energy, strength and simple joy.
 If your dark days continue too long, then utter despair is never too far away.

There’s more to Jennifer’s story that is revealed within the OWM training center, but the important thing to learn from her experience is this…

...a determined, success-hungry person with no prior online marketing knowledge or experience can and did succeed in a field where so many others fail.


Let’s Take A Look Into The One Week Marketing Training Center

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what OWM is and what it has to offer a new student. The system is organized into seven training modules along with a Tools/Bonus module and a FAQ module.

The individual modules are :

Module 1 – Welcome and more from PotPieGirl
Introduction – My Story
What I Did Wrong
The ONE Thing
What I Did Right
Preparing to Play the Game

Module 2 – Getting started with PotPieGirl
The Money Thing
Step 1 – Virtual Shopping
Step 2 – Finding the Words
Step 3 – Gathering Info
Step 4 – Worth a Thousand Words
Step 5 – Let’s Make a Web Page
Understanding Your Stats

Module 3 – Your Weekly Action Plans
The Weekly Plan of Action
Do These Steps FIRST!
Starter Weekly Action Plan
Campaign Weekly Checklist
Mega Weekly Action Plan
More Indexing/Backlink Tools

Module 4 – Fast Tracking with Gary
If You Build It
Am I Amazon
Lens for Profit
Tracking ID’s
Find the ASIN
Amazon Products
Lens Map

Module 5 – Creating OWM Campaigns
What Are Campaigns?
When To Start Campaigns?
DTK Method
5 Questions Method
Other Kinds
Rankability Method
Power of Suggestion
Campaign Walk-Thru
Ranking Your Campaigns
SEO Tips
Protecting Your Campaigns
Fixing a Problem Page
PotPieGirl’s Treasure Chest

Module 6 – Crushin’ it with Logan
Meet Logan
The Turning Point
The Path of Least Resistance
Campaign Exposed
Preview/ Overview
All About Stats
Earnings Proof
Can You Compete?
Identifying a Winning Opportunity
Identifying A Losing Opportunity
Evaluating Competition: What To Look For
Tips for Keyword Research
Finding Affiliate Promotional Outlets
Going Global
Uncover Your Target Market
Enhance Your Listing
Solving Restrictions With Multiple Accounts
Tag Selection – Do’s & Don’ts
Drafting Your Review: A Recipe For Success
Linking To Sub Modules: The SERP Benefits
About Outbound Links
Affiliate Links: Best Ways To Incorporate Them
Extracting Promo Videos: A Sneaky Time Saver
A Few Quick Pointers About YouTube Uploads
Internal Linking: Get This Part Right
Link Juice Powerhouse: What This Platform Can Do For You
Don’t Get Caught Up In Their Game
The Only Metric I Pay Attention To
Optimizing For On-Page SEO
Staying out of Trouble
Building Backlinks
More Tips and Tricks

Module 7 – PED System
Protection (part 2) – About Affiliate Links and Buttons on Your Lenses
Expansion – The Short Steps

sneak peek

Lots Of Valuable, Little-Known Information

As you can see, the OWM training system is really packed full of instructional information… 
…there are printed directions…
…plenty of video tutorials…
…links to free web tools…
…and all kinds of little known tips and tricks to helpicon1 you become a successful online and affiliate marketer.

Training taught by Jennifer herself covers several of the modules and takes a complete beginner from the process of how to sign up foricon1 Squidoo…

… how to create your very first lens…
…how to select products to “recommend” (her way of stressing that SIrGo and Squidoo isn’t all about selling stuff, but more about recommending products and services to other people, with the end result – hopefully – of people acting on your recommendations and buying something from your lens).

One of the more popular modules of the training is Module 6 – Crushin’ it with Logan.
Logan has developed a number of techniques and processes that have allowed him to make nice monthly earnings from his Squidoo lenses.
Be aware that that some of his training is more advanced and perhaps a little bit controversial, but has been proven to be very, very effective.

Be sure to read what happened to one of his most successful lenses when its success became known to the public – very interesting and a word of warning to the wise.

great feature

To me, this is a very brave decision to share with the public specific lenses and niches that have made them money.

 It won’t take long for other people to copy their techniques and move into those niches.

But as Jennifer says throughout OWM, there’s PLENTY of opportunity for everyone.

This is the attitude that has made Jennifer one of the more popular Internet personalities conducting business online these days.

A Great Trainihg Course – Yes – But Not A Perfect One…

Now, I could go on and on about how great the program is…

 One Week Marketing‘ rel=NoFollow target=_blank t href_cetemp=’One Week Marketing‘>>>>…and overall, it is one of the best ones available…<<<

 …but this One Week Marketing review would be pretty much worthless if I didn’t address some concerns and shortcomings I’ve uncovered through my own use and online discussions.

A regular complaint I’ve frequently seen about OWM is that, even though the whole training concept stresses free tools and services, Jennifer recommends products that can be purchased.
What irks a lot of people is if you click on the link to that product and end up buying the product yourself, Jennifer gets a commission.

Several postings in different discussion forums have taken offense to this practice of cross-promoting other online marketers’ products.
(Within the OWM Training Center is a photo of Jennifer hanging out in Las Vegas with other “big time” online marketers. Some of these guys own the products that Jennifer recommends).
Some people see this as a blatant example of placing more importance on “making money” then on the needs of the student.

I suppose an argument could be made for this line of thinking, but my opinion is this: if you want to be successful in any occupation or money making endeavor, you should follow the habits and practices of people who ARE successful in that field.

OWM’s use of cross promotion is simply good marketing.
And hey, there’s no obligation to buy any recommended products – the system will still work without them.

The Module 4 – Fast Tracking with Gary has some good information in it about how to quickly create a minimal Squidoo lens.
My concern is, since Squidoo has implemented new filters, will Gary’s minimal process pass Squidoo’s filters? I honestly don’t know since I have yet to try his approach.

Having said all that, there is one shortcoming in the training that I really should mention and that would be the price.
Access to the OWM training center will cost you $97. Yep — $97. More than one person that I’ve introduced to OWM has looked at me and said, “Seriously?”

Honestly, I had to think twice before buying the training myself.
But then I figured that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on college courses that didn’t teach me to do diddly squat – courses like Intro to Sociology, or Anthropology 101 or any other number of similar classes.

at least
Also, going through and applying the OWM training is just like starting a business. If you think about this way, there aren’t too many businesses you can start for under $100.
So, to wrap this all up…
…if you like writing short articles that help people find information or special products and services…
…and you want to make money online using free websitees and free web tools…
…then you should really give PotPieGirl’s One Week Marketing a try.
With the free Sneak Peek, you really have nothing to lose.

sneak peek

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