Reasons For Owning a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Why are people buying them?

Both corded and cordless handheld vacuums are quite weak when compared to the full-fledged canister vacuum cleaners that have massive suction power and all the features you could expect to see in a cleaning appliance. So the question is why would anyone want a handheld vacuum. This is a relevant question because the popularity of these tiny devices are growing by day. Price is one reason. The cost of a handheld vacuum can be as low as ten percent of a large vacuum cleaner. There are other reasons, too and we discuss them below.

1-) Quick Fix for Small Messes

There is
little doubt that the most popular motive for purchasing a handheld vacuum
cleaner is to deal with small messes that occur all too often if you are into
housework. Small messes can turn the life into a nightmare for a housewife.
Imagine you dropped a piece of cookie on the floor and then carelessly stepped
on it. A man can live with fragments of a cookie on the floor but not a woman.
This means you have to drag the big vacuum cleaner with enough suction to
remove ten times the litter on the kitchen floor in a second. Of course, this
scenario will be valid only if you do not own a hand vacuum that weighs no more
than a few pounds and can be fetched with no difficulty.

2-) Dealing with Pet Hair

Pet hair is
another one of the most common reasons why people buy handheld vacuums. Known
as the best friend of man, dogs unfortunately shed a ton of hair and do that as
a few strands of hair at a time in different and remote parts of your home.
Following around a pet while dragging a heavy vacuum cleaner is hardly the most
enjoyable hobby to do in your free time. That’s why pet hair is often left to gather
around the home. Needless to say, that would make your home look dirty and even
cause allergies. A good handheld vacuum is the ultimate solution in this case,
giving you the ability to vacuum every thread of pet hair around the house
without the need to do a small workout with your canister vacuum.

3-) Cleaning the Car

vacuum cleaners are also one of the few viable options for vacuuming your car.
Cleaning the interior of your car is a chore you cannot avoid especially if you
have a fondness for drive-through fast food. A conventional vacuum cleaner is
useless for that job. This is unless you are ready to use extension cords to
get 120 v electric to where your car is parked. Luckily, you can use a cordless
or USB powered handheld vacuum to save the day. USB powered vacuums are only
good for car cleaning so if you expext more than car vacuuming from your
handheld unit, perhaps you should consider a cordless handheld vacuum.

4-) For Small Homes

In some cases,
you might even want to keep a hand vacuum as your main vacuum cleaner rather
than as a sort of backup for special uses. Indeed, handheld vacuums are the
ultimate solution where the space is a problem and everything has to be small.
An apartment or a dorm are two common examples of such places. Your roommates
will definitely not appreciate if you turn out to be a cleaning freak who will
keep a noisy 2000 watts canister vacuum in the college dorm. Yet some means of
keeping the room tidy is needed and I think by now, you can guess what that
means is. This is another one of those problematic situations where a handheld
vacuum will be very helpful.

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