Tough Times | Time To Reduce Your Spendings

It is during tough times, like the ones we are living today, when people need to develop new practices and spending priorities in order to comply with the new rules that have been forced on them because of unemployment, reduced working hours, or even less business compared with the same time every year.
It is not uncommon these days that one individual works for 60 hours weekly to provide for his/her family while the rest are unemployed.
Suddenly, a holiday gift became luxury, a new car became out of reach, even the house payments became hard to keep up with.
And the bills, “gotta watch it”. Turn off the lights when unnecessary. If you are going to use the oven prepare as many dishes as it could take to make good use of the energy (maybe you’ll cook for the whole week in that oven run). No more text messaging, and you might drop most of the features you have on your cell phone plan. Because if you don’t, you’ll get bills that you can’t pay, and if you don’t pay it will be a bad credit that will ruin you credit history that you’ve spent years and years of your life to build.
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Reducing Life Expenses Is Not As Bad As It Sounds

Although it sounds like tough measures and a forced change in life style, aren’t these practices considered good ones?

I mean, when you turn off the light when not using it, isn’t that better for your budget and for the environment?

And when you make efficient use of the energy in the kitchen by making more than one dish at the same time in the oven, isn’t that a “greener” life style?

Also, the less energy you consume, the more energy that will be available at a lower price for other families. You see, when you participate in reducing the demand on energy, the price has to go down or at least stay where they are.

And this is just one example.

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The Way To Reduce Life Expenses

Change your source of service or supplies

One of the most logical practices is that when you are short in money you look for the best value you can get for your dollar.

This concept is sometimes miscomprehended, and consequently practiced
improperly. Like in switching from your brand to a cheaper one. Most of
the time you get lower quality which will cost you more money on the
long run.

The correct way to get the best value for your dollar is to develop a
factor you can use to compare services or goods. Let’s call it Cost Per
Usage Unit.

One simple method to calculate it is to divide the price of the item by
the number of usage units. Let’s say you are comparing two detergents.
Divide the price by the number of loads to get the cost per usage unit
(in this case the load). The lower the cost per usage unit the better
the value you are getting for your money. With some detergents you might
have to do the laundry twice, that means two loads of this detergent
represent one usage unit.

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Unconventional Reduction of Life Expenses

Referral programs

Some services and stores offer referral commission when you bring in a
new customer. This practice is known in several industries and you can
benefit from it in reducing your expenses.

Some communication companies, especially long distance ones, offer
referral programs that you can use to reduce your own bill. Say your
bill is about $50/month and you get $10 commission per new customer.
Refer 5 new customers and your bill will become $0.00.

If you need a web hosting for your business, or for your personal
website, don’t just buy any hosting. Compare the number of people you
need to refer in order to get your web hosting for free. Also consider
how frequently you need to refer that many new customers.

Even in items you get from the grocery store, like shampoos, shower
jells, tooth paste, deodorant or antiperspirants, soap, dish-washing
detergent (hand or machine) laundry detergents, floor cleaners, glass
cleaners, chocolate bars, acetaminophen (as in Tylenol TM), ibuprofen
(as in Advil TM), hand sanitizers (especially these days with H1N1
around), foot care products, lip stick, nail polish, eye liners, eye
shadows, any kind of make up products, hair styling products, hair
conditioners …

There is a company with an excellent referral program that sells those
items and more (400 products) and rewards you for your referrals for
life. Not only that, when your referrals refer new customers you get
commission on their purchases, and so on for 7 levels deep. It doesn’t
get any better than that. You can actually not only save money this way,
but also make money to help you with your other expenses that have no
known referral programs.

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