Refections of Someones Self Value

Their Self Worth will determine how they see you and will treat you

When some one has no self worth, and neither loves themselves or values themselves, they can not love another or value another properly.
When some one chooses to live life irresponsibly and with no cares for consequences Don’t ever expect them to honor or respect the life that you are living and striving to live.
When some one wants to look at everyone around them and focus on their inadequacies they making it so they don’t have to look at themselves.
When some one wants to blame others for all that is wrong they are not taking stock of themselves nor responsibility for their own actions.
When some one looks at their own reflection in the mirror or examines the refection of their heart and soul and is dis-satisfied with what they see and feel, that is how they are going to see you, feel about you, and treat you.
When some one loves who they are, values themselves, their lives, their finances, their homes, their personal world, they are going to value you and what is in your world. When some one loves themselves and treats themselves with dignity, and respect and lives in passion they are going to love you with passion , and value you more than the brightest star in the sky.
What how one perceives their own reflection and you will know right then and there if this person is capable of loving you the way you deserve to be loved

No 12 Step For This Lady6798

Your Heart Your Soul

I have everything inside that I need to re-direct my life. Once I eliminate something that does not work in my life whether it is a person, place or thing, I can replace that person, place or thing with any thing I want.
I can’t eliminate alcohol if I’m going to talk about it and hear about it each day of my life. I’ll never break free of the stigma and the old school way of thinking If I stay focused any way what so ever in alcohol.
I choose to re-direct my focus and I choose over the next few articles to share with you what I’ve done in the past that has not worked. What I’ve taken and used and what I am doing now. I choose not taking the ladder of Success, I’m not climbing any more. I’m taking the express elevator. I no longer choose to waste one more second on steps and ladders. ” Been there, done that” didn’t work. I have moved on to what works. Why not come for the ride?

Your Are Worth
Being loved, being happy and living in passion
Say No To Abuse
If you are being abused physically, verbally , emotionally, or mentally call for help. Call for Help Call for Help If you don’t know where to start call local authorities, hospitals, churches and abuse organizations.

Please Please Please Seek Help YOU CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT

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