Repo the Genetic Opera: Shilo Costume

Shilo Wallace Outfits

One of the things I love so much about Shilo’s outfits is that she mix and matches. So be sure to look closely at the pictures. This is also fun if you’re like me and end up changing through out the day. Instead of changing the whole outfit just add or change out something for an easy new look. It is something you can do on Halloween or any other day. With all her outfits you can get close to the original and still look like her, especially since a lot of her clothes are black or at least dark. troduce people to your topic and give them a reason to keep reading.

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Shilo Wallace

This is my favorite charactor from the movie. She has a few different styles through out the film, all very unique and beautiful. This is one I may very likely wear this year for Halloween. A lot of what went into making Shilo’s outfits seem to have been made just for the film so I’m going to show you the closest thing to it if you don’t have much or care if it’s exact. I’ll also show ways you can change/add stuff to make the outfit as close a match as possible. Shilo is my favorite character because with all that she goes through in her life she remains hopeful about her future. She also has issues with her dad and still loves him to the end, keeping her love, values and postive attitude. She’s driven so when she has her mind on something she makes it happen which for her is a good thing because she has the best intentions, she wants to help people. Shilo is very beautiful, a great singer and an all around incredible character. When I pick out something or someone to dress as for Halloween I like to pick people I would like to be if I couldn’t be me, and it is the one night you get to be someone else so I when people ask who I am dressed as, I want to have an awesome answer. I’m going to do another lens about more of the characters too, if there’s a specific character you like that I haven’t done yet let me know in the comments.

Spoiler Alert!
The video below is two awesome songs from the movie but if you haven’t seen it yet and would like to don’t watch!
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