The Benefits of Reusable Diapers

There are many advantages to purchasing reusable diapers. In the past reusable diapers took so much work. Today, though, they do not take as much work. In the past when one could only use reusable diapers they needed to buy outer waterproof pants to go over the reusable diaper. The reusable diaper took pins. Many parents had complaints about the reusable diapers. Sometimes the pins would stick the baby.
Then disposable diapers were invented and life became a bit simpler for parents. Parents could simply stick the diaper on with the adhesive stickers that came attached to the sides of the diaper. The disposable diaper has made many changes in the three to four decades that it has been around. However, the disposable diaper is not “green.” The disposable diaper has come under fire lately for taking up too much space in the landfill.
Because, the disposable diaper has come under fire for taking up too much space in the landfill, there are many environmentally conscious people trying to revert back to the reusable diaper. There have been many changes made to the reusable diaper. Today, parents using the reusable diaper do not have to use any pins to attach the two sides of the diaper. The two sides of the diaper are attached by snaps. The diaper has more than one set of snaps. The new reusable diaper continuously grows with your baby. This is the only thing the new reusable diaper has in common with the reusable diaper of yesterday.
The new reusable diaper has the waterproofing built in to the diaper. There are care instructions to ensure that there are no stains left in the baby’s diaper. Many of the reusable diapers come in a multitude of colors. These colors are unisex, for baby girls, and for baby boys.
The good thing about switching to reusable diapers is they are cost efficient. There is no need to purchase more than thirty six reusable diapers. This comes to approximately three hundred fifty dollars for the entire two to five years you will be diapering the little one. The cost of disposable diapers can run up to two hundred dollars or more per month for two to five years. This is a substantial savings. The savings is even more substantial if you have another child to pass the reusable diapers to. Of course, when you are finished with the reusable diapers you can always donate them to charity.

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