Review Of Wimpy Kid 10 Second Challenge Game

The Wimpy Kid 10 second challenge is an interactive board game based on the bestselling book series, Diary of a Wimpy kid. This game is meant for kids above eight years of age though kids up to 14 years of age will also enjoy the challenges thrown in the game.

The goal of this board game is to get to the finish space before everyone else. The players need to complete a variety of different challenges to finish the game.

How It Works

To play this game, the players take turns rolling the number dye. Similar to other board games, the character is moved forward that many spaces on the board as the number on the die.

After moving the character, the player needs to take the top card and read aloud the challenge printed on the card. There are a total of 90 different cards included in the game and each card has a different challenge.

The challenges in the game range from throwing the included beanbag ball back into the shoe to dancing in a completely unique style to throwing the dice up and clapping your hands five times before it comes down to various others.

The challenges need to the completed in 10 seconds and hence the name. You only get to move your character the number of spaces on the card only if you successfully complete the challenge within 10 seconds. In case you are not able to complete the challenge, your character has to move back one space.

A player can also pass the challenge. However, it is necessary to do the challenge in case the character of the player lands on a space with matching character on the board. If the challenge gets passed to another player, that player can also pass it to other one until the challenge comes back to the original player. The original player is forced to complete the challenge.

Some of the challenges included in this game are category challenges when one needs to roll the die to determine the category. In this category, the player is required to name a certain number of things within 10 seconds.

In addition to the challenges cards, it also includes moving cards where player has to move backward or forward. It also includes bonus cards where the player earns extra points for completing a challenge successfully. The player also loses points if the challenge is not completed.

How Many Players Can Play This Game?

2 to 6 players can play this game at a time.

It includes one game board, 90 game cards, six movers, a sand timer, three blind cubes, a label sheet as well as a beanbag ball. Some of the challenges in the game need a pencil and paper that is not included with the game.


Overall, it is a fun game where all the family members can join in and have fun with the kids. The challenges are very entertaining. Some of the challenges are collective challenges where the player has take a cube in each hand and then toss these cubes to opposite hand at the same time. It also includes various brainy challenges such as naming eight superheroes/drinks/facts and other such things.

The Wimpy kid 10 second challenge is a fun game that is available at an affordable price. So, if you have been looking for an interactive board game for your kids, this game should be on the top of your list.

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