Roof Cleaning Safety

Roof and Ladder Related Injuries

There are many jobs which can quickly and safely become DIY. Roof cleaning probably should not be among them. According to U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission,roughly  about 165,000 Americans will incur some type of ladder related injury this year. Many of those will be emergency room visits. 
Although there are no estimates on falls from the roof each year, there are about 6000 falls that occur in and around the home in the US each year. It’s a safe bet that at least part of these are from falling from the roof. For those homeowners who contemplate roof cleaning as a DIY; it may be best to contact the professionals. In the Northwest, you can rely on Portland Roof Cleaning

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Proper Roof Cleaning Equipment and Safety

Proper Roof Cleaning Equipment and Safety

Those who do attempt roof cleaning should make sure they put safety first. Having the right equipment and supplies can help keep you safe, and get the job done right. Good sturdy work boots are a must for moving about safely on the roof. Sneakers are not recommended, particularly if you are not accustomed to being on the roof. 
A good, sturdy ladder is an absolute must when doing any type of roof cleaning. No one thinks they will fall until they do. By then, it’s too late. Invest in a good ladder if you do not already have one. It will be well worth the money in the long-run.
Take all of the supplies you will need up to the roof before you begin. The less you have to go up and down the ladder, the fewer chances there will be to fall. One or two trips should be all it takes to get everything you need up to the roof. Roof cleaning supplies include a broom, garbage bags, and garden hose, among other things. 

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Roof Cleaning Costs

Roof Cleaning Costs

In general, Portland roof cleaning costs about .20-.30 per square foot. Of course, there are often specials which can bring the cost down. Doing the job yourself may save you money, but one small accident can ruin that plan very quickly. You must also consider that roof cleaning, when done improperly, can actually cause roof damage. Replacing a roof, or even part of a roof is more expensive than roof cleaning. 
It is a good idea to know the approximate size of your roof if you are going to do the job yourself. Not only will it help you calculate the cost, but you will need to know how many supplies you will need. You will also need to make sure that your garden hose reaches across the entire roof. 

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