Roof cleaning in Portland

Why Roof Cleaning in Portland is Important

Roof cleaning in Portland (and anywhere else for that matter) is extremely important. Most people do not pay much attention to the roof  until something goes wrong. The truth of the matter is; most expensive damages can be avoided, and along with them, the high cost of repairs. 
A neglected roof can cause a multitude of problems, including, but not limited to leaks. In Portland, many times leaks can result from a roof moss problem. Severe damage to the structure of the home can also result from failure to provide roof cleaning. Destruction to the roof and home structure can add up to thousands of dollars very easily. This can be avoided by doing the cleaning yourself, or by hiring roof cleaning in Portland professionals, 

Safe Roof Cleaning in Portland
What is used to treat your roof today will find it’s way into your lawn, trees and garden. Ask about environmentally friendly roof cleaning methods.

Eco Friendly Roof Cleaning Portland

Eco Friendly Roof Cleaning Portland

There are actually several types of roof moss that plague the Portland area. As a result, there are several different methods to roof cleaning in Portland. Don’t let anyone tell you that there is a one-size-fits-all approach to removing roof moss. The roof and types of moss must be assessed before any course of action is taken. 
Some roof moss and algae types are more stubborn than others. For those interested in being eco-friendly, it may please you to know that there are more earth-friendly types of cleaning methods. The chemicals that are used to kill the roof moss will eventually wind up in the lawn, and trees, and possibly even the garden.
The same is true for cleaning any debris off of a roof, not just moss and algae. Every situation should first be analyzed and then acted upon. Find a roof cleaning Portland company that realizes that. and takes measures to ensure the safety of your home, yard, and most of all, your family. 

All Surface Cleaning Company-Portland
If you need professional roof cleaning in Portland, give All Surface Cleaning Company a call at 503-590-WASH (9274). Be sure to check out Angie’s list to find out how much our customers love our work.

When should you have roof cleaning done?

Generally, it is recommended that roof cleaning be done twice a year. Spring and Fall are excellent times to have this done. Debris can accumulate very quickly during the winter and summer, so it is best to get it taken care of right away. Moss can and should be detected early, so having roof cleaning done twice a year will take care of that. 
Remember that roof repairs can be costly. The easiest way to avoid this is by cleaning the roof on a regular basis. Think of it as preventative home maintenance. During routine roof cleaning, many potential hazards can be spotted and prevented. Besides that, a clean roof is a healthy roof. Your roof provides protection for your family day in and day out. Be sure you keep it well maintained. 

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