Sneaker Soul: A Fashion Survival Guide

Sneaker Soul: A Fashion Survival Guide

Whether you workout, play basketball, dance, or just walk, your sneakers can make you look good and feel good at the end of a long day. Don’t just settle for a pair of generics or a single pair to go with all of your wardrobe. You don’t need to be a fashion expert to earn the nods of the sneaker gods, just take a quick look through this guide to find the best pair of sneakers for wherever you are in life right now.

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Picking Your sneakers

Only you will know which pair of sneakers best match your wardrobe, unless you hire a stylist to come visit your house and sort through your closet. That’s why you shouldn’t just buy the newest trend, regardless of what you normally wear. Your shoes should improve your look, not reinvent it.<br />If you don’t own a pair of loafers or dress shoes already, you might also want to consider buying a pair of sneakers that could pass for formal occasions.<br />When browsing through the stores, pay attention to the materials and the stitching of the sneaker. Not just for quality control purposes, but for proper upkeep of them so that they last you more than just the first year. It’s for this reason that buying shoes online is especially difficult for those who aren’t sneaker savvy or don’t go through a lot of shoes.

Keep Them Clean!
No matter what kind of shoe you buy, though, you should keep them clean through preventative measure, like having a bottle of shoe cleaner on-hand for any small marks or dirt build-up every other day, if not each day for whites and light colors. Laces should also be washed every few months, with some baking soda or baby powder while the inside soles are accessible.

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Sneaker Fashion Breakdown

First up are your basic, run-of-the-mill sneakers or non-athletics. Adidas shell-toes, Air Force 1’s, Converse, and so-forth will be your classic selections for safe picks. Grab these anytime they are on sale, this is the simplest way to expand your sneaker selection without sweating trends or outfit matching.<br />Luxury and dress shoes can often be interchangeable these days; shoes that are made with high-quality leathers, suede, and alligator skin, for example. You can go as high as Gucci, Givenchy, Louboutin, and Prada, or even a Yeezy Boost for something in-between high-fashion and casual.<br />Athletic sneakers can sometimes be worn with casual dress clothes, but usually you’ll need a bit of color and clever matching to pull that off. With that said, there are plenty of great brands of running and basketball shoes out there to choose from. If you want a serious contender on the court or out on the pavement, you should be prepared to spend over $100 for a reliable and comfortable pair these days.<br />Boots round out the last major category of shoes. If your wardrobe has a lot of denim and cargo with graphic tees, you can definitely pull off some outdoor looks without being an actual outdoors man. Boot designs have come a long way, they’re a lot less muted and flat with more emphasis on comfort as well.<br />

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