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Contemporary Furniture for Your Stylish Living Room

If you are looking for a sofa and loveseat sets to match your contemporary coffee table, then this site definitely could help you pick one to add a touch of stylish to your living room.

One year ago, I did a sourcing sofa in order to replace a sleeper bed. The reason I place a sofa bed in the living room is for my son to snap during noontime when he was a toddler. However, it is not easy to find the right one that matches my existing loveseat.

Beginning of this New Year, I changed my original plan and bought the complete sofa and loveseat set. Before I made the decision, I actually shortlisted a few sets of living room furniture set for a certain reason.

I will share with you those shortlisted models and hope that it could help you save your shopping time consequently speed up your decision making.

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Leather Sofa and Loveseat Sets Furniture

Classic Tri Tone Leather Sofa and Love Seat Set

Love Seat: 43″H x 64″W x 39″D

Sofa: 43″H x 86″W x 39″D

My father knows that we are looking for a leather sofa and loveseat sets furniture. He recommends this living room furniture for us. It definitely offers the living room a luxurious feel with its decoratively carved molding accompany by tri-tone leather.

But, I found that it does not really match our living room theme. Having said that, it still is an ideal pick for those who like furniture with traditional style design.

White Leather Sofa Loveseat Sets

The following are the very first living room sets I took into consideration. They look elegant and comes with modern design. Most importantly, they feature a low height arm that could allow me to snap comfortably without a pillow.

However, I give up at the end because of their white color finish. I have a little boy at home. I have a concern that he jumps on the sofa or treat the sofa as a whiteboard and paint something on it.

Having said that, if you have no kids at home or you seldom have a guest come to visit you, you may consider grabbing one of these contemporary furniture sets.

White Leather Sofa Loveseat SetWhite Leather Sofa Loveseat Set
Sofa: 80″L x 37″D x 36″H
Loveseat: 61″L x 37″D x 37″H. #ad

Penelope Sofa and LoveseatPenelope Sofa and Loveseat
Sofa: 89″W x 37″D x 34″H
Loveseat: 74″W x 37″D x 34″H. #ad

Brown Sofa and Loveseat Sets with Recliners

2pc Recliner Sofa & Loveseat Set in Brown Leather Match

Sofa: 88″L x 39″W x 38″H

Loveseat: 65″L x 39″W x 38″H

I just love it when looking at it online. It seems like custom made to fulfill all my requirements. First of all, this contemporary living room furniture set is made of brown color leather. Look at the padded arm, I definitely could keep my throw pillows away while lying down for snap during noontime.

Better still, this sofa and loveseat set price is fall in my budget range with an extra feature which is a recliner. It is good to have a feature for me who likes to watch movies and reading. Imagine I could sit on reclining seats comfortably with footrests while watching my favorite TV show or enjoy reading after work. Furthermore, I could move away from my chaise lounge chair to the bedroom so the living room will look neatly and more spacious.

Two More Options for You to Choose

The left-side one is one of the best-selling living room furniture sets on Amazon. It ranks top 10 in the category of “Sofas and Couches” at the moment I sourcing this kind of information. Both sofa and loveseat look great with a simple design. Based on buyers’ feedback, they are easy to assembly.


Microfiber Sofa and Loveseat 2-Piece SetMicrofiber Sofa and Loveseat 2-Piece Set
Include 3 matching accent pillows. #ad

Amber Sofa and Loveseat SetAmber Sofa and Loveseat Set
Sofa:102″W x 40″D x 39″H
Loveseat: 75″W x 40″D x 39″H. #ad

My Buying Criteria

Just to recap my requirements:

1. made of leather
2. features contemporary design
3. prefer dark finish
4. lower height padded arms
5. size that fix living room
6. the price is on budget

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