Sofa Bed Living Room Set

The sofa bed living room set definitely is an ideal pick for those who stay at a small apartment and need to serve overnight guests occasionally.

We had one with fabric type at the old house. But it was mainly for my son to have a nap during noontime. He is about 3 to 4 years old at that time. I could monitor and respond to him while I was working in front of my computer in the living room.

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Now my son is spending almost the whole day at school and I no need to stay beside him while he is sleeping. But we still considering buying a new one for the new house to serve his best friend who always overnight at our home during the weekend.

These are my shortlisted furniture set. My first choice is the white color one as it looks elegant and easily blends with other stuff in my living room. There is a two-position convertible sofa with chrome-plated based.

Look at the picture, you’ll they feature thickly padded cushioning for extra comfort when you sit on it or lay down. It is easy to converts from a sofa seat to bed with its click-clack mechanism and you can fold out hidden legs for extra bed support.

But I have a concern that it is hard to maintain white color stuff compare to the black one. I have to admit that I am super lazy when coming to house chores especially cleaning and maintenance. Thus, I do take the black furniture set into consideration.

It comprises two pieces of sectional sofa that feature an armrest and comes with two square pillows. It is constructed with a wooden frame and upholstered with black faux leather. When an extra sleeping bed is needed, you just need to pull out the bed under the sofa. You may counter check the measurement of this furniture set before making a buying decision.

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