What Are Bed Prism Glasses?

If you’ve not seen them before you may be wondering What Are Bed Prism Glasses and how do they work.

They are basically spectacles that use Prisms to bend light by almost 90 degrees in the vertical plane.

They are often referred to as ‘Mirror Glasses’ which, although a reasonable description, is not entirely accurate, as they don’t use conventional silvered glass type mirrors at all.

What they actually use are Glass Prisms. You may have seen these being used to create all the colors of the rainbow. This they do extremely well, but another important and more relevant property is their ability to bend light at an angle – several times.

Ah! You may say, A mirror! Well yes and no. They do act like a regular mirror in this respect, but they do it in a different and very useful manner. They reflect light on their inner surfaces.

This has the great advantage of being able to reflect the light several times within the structure of the prism. That’s something that would be almost impossibly with mirrors without them taking up a large amount of space and becoming quite unwieldy.

Prisms, however, because the light is reflected internally can be very small, light and compact. Ideal for mounting on spectacle frames, in fact! Which is exactly what Bed Prism Glasses are!

By doing this amazing bending of light they allow the wearer to view the floor beneath their feet whilst still looking straight ahead with their head held at a more natural angle.

Now, as you are probably thinking, why would you want to see the floor when standing up anyway?

Well, the answer is quite straightforward. When you are lying down on your back in bed, or even on a lounger, you will be able to see horizontally while still holding your head at a natural angle.
If you were holding a book you would be able to read it comfortably without having to sit up or bend your head forward. So, no strain for your neck or back!

They are often called Bed Reading Glasses which is perhaps a more descriptive name for them as that is what they are mainly used for. For reading in bed!

They are perfect for other leisure activities such as watching TV in bed comfortably. All without the usual aches and pains that so often occur when sitting up in bed or lying flat with your head bent forward at an awkward angle.

They are also often used by people who are bedridden through accident, injury or illness. They bring a welcome relief to these people as they can once again watch TV, or read a book, for lengthy periods, without any discomfort.

So, if you like to read in bed or watch TV lying there and want to avoid those aches and pains, these weird looking Bed Prism Glasses will allow you to do that comfortably.

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