Stamina InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer

Stamina InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer Review

Last week I was at an elliptical trainer roadshow and had been attracted by a fitness device that features foot pedal chassis only and does not have vertical arms or a front console: Stamina InMotion E1000. At one glance, it is an ideal pick for those who aim to do fitness at home but have no much space to put a big compact exercise machine.

According to the promoter, it is a compact elliptical trainer that features a workout wallop, letting users burn a similar number of calories as jogging but without the risk of injury to the back, knees, hips, or ankles. Sounds great, isn’t it?

I own a similar small size of foot massage equipment which is great to place under my computer desk so I could do massage while watching my favorite movie, reading e-news or emails. Thus, I am interested to figure out its weight whether light enough for me to move around, and some other features because I am thinking to replace foot massage activity with simple exercise once in a while. If you have the same habit like me, welcome to read the elliptical trainer review of this model.

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Read the Stamina InMotion E1000 elliptical trainer review:

1. Specification and Warranty
2. Resistance Control
3. Foot Pedals and Electronic LCD Display
4. Pros & Cons
5. What did customers say about Stamina InMotion E1000?

Stamina InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer – Specification and Warranty

Dimension: 11 x 20 x 12 inches (H x W x D)
Weight: 24 pounds
Parts warranty: 90 days
Frame warranty: 1 year

Great! It is lightweight at 24 pounds only; that means there is no issue for me to carry it when I want to keep in my closet when not in use. In terms of the warrant, I have no comment. After all, it is not a high-end elliptical trainer and its cost is much lower than other models.

Resistance Control

Although it is small in size, it comes with a tension adjustable feature as well. As mentioned in the video, users could turn the control button to left for more tension or turn to the right for less tension. With such design, users still enjoy cardiovascular fitness at their favorite intensity workout level and tone their lower body consequently.

Foot Pedals and Electronic LCD Display

Stamina InMotion E1000

The Stamina InMotion E1000 features non-slip pedals that can be worked on bidirectional. So, users could tone their lower body either in forward or reverse pedaling.

It also has a small electronic display screen to show basic info which is users’ total fitness time, total number of strides, number of strides per minute, and how many calories burned.

Pros & Cons

Pros: When talking about the pros of Stamina InMotion E1000, I have to mention 3 main points: sturdy, compact, and convenient. This mini elliptical trainer is solidly built with sturdy steel construction and non-slip foot pedals as an added safety feature. In terms of assembly, there is no hassle at all. It is smooth and quiet when in operation.

Its compact size makes it becomes a popular and best-selling exercise device as buyers do not require allocating big space at home for a big exercise machine. As it fits handily under a desk, it is great for people who used to sit in front of the computer for a long-time period as they could exercise once in a while during working hours. Better still, they do not need to find time to go to the gym center.

Compact size is a plus point as it delivers the benefits of easy storage and convenience in use. Being said that, I could turn to a cons point for some people who are very tall and expecting long strides. The lack of handlebars is an issue for those who used to stand up while doing the elliptical workout. It might jolt occasionally without a steady posture.
Thus, there are buyers who use it in a doorway.

Amazon Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

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What did customers say about Stamina InMotion E1000?

The Stamina InMotion E1000 is ranked in the top 3 in Amazon Best Seller List under the category of the elliptical trainer. More than four hundred buyers rated it as 5 stars product. The majority of them commend this fitness equipment comes with low price, small size, and portability. With less than a hundred dollars, people could enjoy a great workout either at home or office. This portable unit is well designed to fulfill people who have no much space at home to place a compact elliptical trainer. The best part is that you could enjoy watching television while you are doing exercise just like one of the Amazon buyers who carry around this mini elliptical trainer at home.

When she wants to watch television together with her family members, she carries this fitness equipment to the living room so that she can enjoy the TV shows while doing exercise. When she wants to watch Netflix movies, she places the device in front of her computer. She even moves it to her bedroom when she wants to watch a chick flick. Not only her, but there are also users who really like to carry this small size fitness equipment from one place to another at home. So, they could enjoy their favorite shows while getting the benefits of exercise.

In terms of functionality, there is customer feedback that the core workout really works core muscles as users have to stand upright without handles. In addition, the resistance can go from easy to very hard and it counts calories as wells as steps walked. Most users utilize it for about 30 minutes per day. There is a woman who facing weight gain issues after having her first child managed to lose a few lbs by using this elliptical trainer for 30 minutes every day.

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