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After exploring 39 different MP3 players and testing seven top-rated possibilities, we found the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus is the best MP3 player under $100 for most people. Its built-in clip, water resistance, and Bluetooth support make it the perfect gym buddy for use with wireless workout headphones.

Our pick

SanDisk Clip Sport Plus
SanDisk Clip Sport Plus

The cheap player that is MP3

The water-resistant Clip Sport Plus was created with a workout in mind, but it is a fantastic choice for any situation. It works with Bluetooth headphones and has an integrated wireless.

Despite its small dimensions, the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus still has a display and easy-to-use controls. It supports most DRM-free sound files and can play Audible audiobooks–which other players we examined could not do. Syncing is as straightforward as dragging files onto the player, as if it were a USB drive. Additionally, it has a built-in FM radio. We have a little under 7 hours of battery life when studying with Bluetooth on, and also a bit more than 20 hours with wired headphones.

Despite being manufactured and sold by a well-established MP3-player maker, the Clip Sport Plus typically costs less than $60, about precisely the same price as generic MP3 players with similar capabilities. If you don’t need Bluetooth, SanDisk also sells an 8 GB version that costs half as much–again, in line with no-name competitors.

When our pick is sold out and you still need 16 GB of space, or in case you need something with a slightly bigger screen and buttons, then the Sony NW-E395 is a good choice. It does not have Bluetooth compatibility, which means you can’t use it with wireless headset. It also lacks the SanDisk version’s clip. However, it will have a longer battery life than the SanDisk–we have on a single charge in analyzing more than 33 hours. Much like the SanDisk, you are able to load music by simply dragging and dropping as you would with a USB drive, but if you want, Sony’s Media Go applications can help organize and sync your audio collection with the participant.

The Audio Syryn is a good selection for serious swimmers who don’t want to risk their telephone submerged. The player clips into the rear of the comprised goggles (though you can use your own if you want), and the waterproof headphones are the best we have heard since they produce a watertight seal. The package contains a sound extension cable in the event you prefer to clip the player onto your swimsuit instead of your goggles or float cap; it also comes in handy to be used out of the water.

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