The Brady Bunch 2012 Version

The Stepfather

The word drives my wife nuts. She hates it when I call her kids my stepchildren. But who else are they? I have my own kids, and my wife is their stepmother. But she disagrees, saying it doesn’t sound good. What’s that supposed to mean? When you say stepfather or stepmother, everybody knows that it means your spouse’s kids. You can’t be their father, or their mother, because they are alive and in the lives of their children. Now if they weren’t in their children’s lives, that would be another story. But, as it is, my stepchildren’s father is in their lives, so, I’m the stepfather, no matter how much my wife doesn’t appreciate the term. I treat them like they are mine, but I didn’t raise them, so, I have boundaries. Besides, like I tell her, I’d have a problem with her ex-husband allowing me to be called his kids’ father, and he is in their lives. I don’t think he’d be pleased at all with that anyhow. I know I wouldn’t. So, my wife will just have to get over that word. If she really wants to know, she should ask her kids. I bet they wouldn’t say that I was their dad, and I know mine wouldn’t call her their mom. The only strange thing I’ve run into with the situation is how she handles her kids, and how I handle mine. I oftentimes look at it and say to myself, ‘God brought us together at the right time, cause we’d have some issues on how to raise kids of our own’. And friends ask when we are going to have some of our own. What? She’s got three, and I’ve got two ( a regular Brady Bunch ), so we’ve got five already, all grown. Neither of us plan to start over. So, it is what it is. That’s just my opinion on the matter. What’s yours?


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