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What is the Magic Bullet ExpressA reliable blender is an asset for anyone who wants to start eating healthy foodstuffs and shed a few pounds. With the numerous of brands available in the market, it may be overwhelming for you to find the best one. Well, choosing a right blender requires you to understand all the information about the device and then make an informed decision. Today, we have prepared a detailed review of the Magic Bullet Express grinder that will give you a better insight into its specifications and whether it is suitable for you.

What Is the Magic Bullet Express?

This device is often referred to as the amazing 8-minute meal machine. The newest version is called the Bullet express trio which is better than the original blender. The meal maker attachment utilizes a shredder disc blade for slicing and shredding a wide variety of vegetables and fruits in a short time. It is manufactured by a firm known as BUNN.

It is a three in one system that has a meal maker, meal mixer, and juicer attachments. This blender gives users a great deal of versatility regardless of its compact design. It can perform a wide variety of functions according to what the makers say, and the big question is whether it can execute all the mentioned things efficiently. Read below and find out.

The Design and Construction.

Opening up the package and seeing the seventeen different pieces of this blender can easily freak you out. The first part of the box is the high torque power base which contains its motor and the blade housing. Attached to these pieces is a cord that stretches to about 4.5 feet. Two types of blades can fit into the base which are the cross and flat blades. The flat blade is for grinding applications while the cross blade is for chopping and blending purposes. The other contents of the package are two cups which are essentially blender jars made of plastic to make them safe for both the dishwasher and microwave oven. The cups are of different sizes with the longer one being around six inches and the shorter one being about 4 inches.

Some seals contained in the package can screw on these blender jars which are four in number. Two of them are solid lids while the other two are shaker tops with differently sized perforations. In the package, you get some containers similar to beer mugs which are four in number. Lastly, you get a user’s guide, and a recipe book dubbed the “10-second recipes.”

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How Is the Performance?

Magic Bullet ExpressBlending with the magic bullet requires some exquisite procedures for you to get the best out of it. It is advisable to go through the user’s manual and get to terms with the operation of the blender before you start using it. There are essentially three methods you can use depending on the things you want to process namely the pulse, shake and tap techniques.

The pulse technique is achieved by twisting the bullet jar several times in the base, and it is used for chopping needs. The shake procedure is useful for thick mixtures where you have to shake the whole system. The tap technique involves making sure all the contents of the blender are in touch with the blade by lightly hitting the mixer across the surface as you blend.

It is essential to understand these techniques, or you won’t be able to blend your mixtures efficiently on the magic bullet express.

When blending, you should first add the desired ingredients into the blending jar. Always begin with the solid ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. After the solid ingredients, add the semi-solid and liquid ones while making sure that you do not pass the indicated line. Tightly screw the top blade to the top of the cap and then fix the cup to the bottom of the grinder which is done by just turning the cup upside down and aligning it with the plastic surface at the top of the mixer. Lock the cup by gently twisting it to the right.

The blending process may take close to a minute depending on the ingredients. Harder ingredients may take close to five minutes. After the procedure, depending on the technique you used, release the cup from the base and serve.

Magic Bullet Express MealsHow Much Does It Cost?

The magic bullet express goes for about $50 and compared with the other blenders in the market; it is fair to say that its price is very friendly. However, a low cost comes with its demerits, and comparisons with other blenders have pointed out to this blender’s motor as a relatively weak one, something that makes it perfect for smoother ingredients.

The Good.

The first positive about this blender is that it is among the cheapest in the market and can offer a decent degree of service for its price. The motor has adequate power and can grind coffee pretty well alongside smoothies and other soft ingredients. It has several techniques which can be utilized to enhance the performance when need be.

The Bad.

You always get what you pay for. This blender is an exact manifestation of this saying, and the motor power is not a match for some of its close compatriots such as the Nutribullet blender. The chopping and food processing functions are not up to scratch, and if you are not a smoothie enthusiast, you won’t get any service from this blender.


Magic Bullet Express Meals

The brands of blenders available in the market are endless, and we will give this particular one its dues. If you want a blender for smoothies and occasional food processing functions, this brand is your best shot at a price tag of about $50 depending on where you purchase it. However, if you want a multipurpose blender that will cater for all your mixing, chopping and processing needs, save up and buy a more powerful one. You will only be left with a machine that you cannot use with several parts to keep track of.

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