GreenWorks 2600202 13-Amp Corded Snow Thrower Review

GreenWorks 2600202 13 Amp 20″ Corded Snow Thrower

GreenWorks 2600202
13 Amp 20″ Corded Snow Thrower is one of the latest additions to
Greenworks product range that include numerous electric powered outdoor tool
models that include snow throwers, leaf blowers, leaf vacuums, mulchers and
chainsaws. It is a corded electric snow blower as you might have guessed.
Below, I review GreenWorks 2600202 13-Amp snow thrower and provide a comparison
with an older model named GreenWorks 26032 from the same manufacturer.
26032 12-Amp electric snow blower that has been available since 2010 has been a
great success concerning sales and customer satisfaction so it is no surprise
that the expectations for GreenWorks 2600202 13-Amp model have been high right
from the start. Yet, some caution is needed every time a popular and reliable product
receives an upgrade. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to make a mess of
things when they attempt to come up with a seemingly better version of a
product that has been around for some time. This is why we need to take a look
at the reviews written by customers before we can reach a conclusion on whether
the new 13-Amp model is as good as the older 12-Amp snow blower by Greenworks.

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Pros and Cons

The good news
is that the customer reviews reveal that my caution was not so necessary after
all. Almost all the reviews are positive and there seems to be a unanimous view
that the unit is strong enough to deal with 10-inch deep snow and even more.
Those people who turned out to be discontented with GreenWorks 2600202
complained about things other than snow blowing performance such as a vibration
after the unit ate a piece of wood or a chute that did not work properly so I
do not have nay doubts that GreenWorks 13-Amp corded electric snow blower will
handle most snow removal tasks. It was also nice of some reviewers to indicate
where they used the unit. It looks like the majority of reviews are from New
England area including Massachusetts and Maine. This should give you an idea
about what this snow blower is capable of.
As for a
comparison of the 12-Amp and 13-Amp Greenworks snow blower models, I do not
think there is significant difference in power and reliability. The 1-Amp
difference is not a big deal and the customer reviews verify that both are
great at removing snow in coastal states. One key difference is the dual led
lights on the 13-Amp model. This is obviously great if you are having
difficulty seeing through snow or in the dark but there is also a disadvantage
to it. The lights are placed such that they make it harder to reach the handle
that controls the direction fo the chute and this can prove to annoyance if you
are a picky person. The price difference is about $20, which is not important
as the units cost about $200 each.
All in all,
the new 13-Amp GreenWorks 2600202 corded electric snow blower is a viable
alternative to its 12-Amp elder brother that has already established itself as
the best electric snow blower in the market but your choice should depend on
getting or not getting the headlights more than anything else.

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