The mind palace technique tips

So You want to have a great memory huh? This might just help

Memory is not something that should be taken for granted. As most people tend to not only forget something as we age the able to remember short term lessens with age. The mind palace technique will surely be of use in homeschooling.
Normally I think that people do NOT fight long and hard enough to retain and perhaps even gain in some areas what nature attempts to steal. Children likely do not have this problem and once the habit is engrained and they use it daily surely memory will be less of a problem.
In My attempts at developing , using a Mind Palace for memory I have gotten a couple things that have been working for Me and I will have them with You also, so if practiced one is more likely to develop, a stronger, perhaps even a great memory! No guarantees of course but when one works daily , and almost everyday at anything there will likely be progress, and as I compete only with Myself any progress I make by My own efforts is a win.

1. I have used a house as a lay out , I label parts of the house and use the same things EVERYTIME  to “attach “what I am remembering them to. I have at least 50 static places so that I do not have to “cross my path” in My mind to get to each thing. Use some place that You are very familiar with at first is likely to give the best results at first.
ex. I use a house porch  for My
first  #1  place , so if I am remembering the states then Alabama, and Montgomery is on the stoop , and are number 1 , Alaska , and Juneau, are at the door .

2. I found that trying to smash too many things in one spot tends to get me confused at least , so I try and limit them now , to a few. This has worked well, so far.

3. I also have found that in My case at least I prefer to have some space between the things to attach , the items to be remembered to  , I tried putting elements all close in “bottles in a shelf and that did NOT work as well for me as more space in between them.  I have no idea why this would matter and maybe just My experience , and others may not have this difficulty.

4.  I try to engaged all the senses that I can  to remember something, sometimes it helps, like Palladium ,  I have the guy from the old, ugly from the  paladin show on a white horse that it raring up ,  I could have the horse whinnying , and perhaps try to smell the horse also, to engage more and likely remember longer , I do not know as I remember  it now , without the added work there. Children could easily use favorite cartoons or saying , to help them remember things in their mind palaces .

5. a recap perhaps daily is needed to quickly go over what as been learned and is wanted to be retained , but I would think that if one wants to get good at ANYTHING one must try to do it and do it OFTEN preferably daily. Maybe all the things can be re run and spelling , definitions and such could be tested all at once also?

6. For the states I also have put them alphabetically so that I can go through fairly easily and see if I have missed any letters therefore missed a state and a capital, that has helped when I was close to losing one, state or another.

If You try this and use these tips maybe You too can work and have a great memory, using the Mind palace technique  .  copyrighted by the freelifelover 2014  photo Mine <a target=”_blank” href=”″>Name Your Link</a><img src=”″ width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />

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