Your Choices for Accredited Homeschool programs

Are You Doing The Right Thing?

Is your Home school Program Legitimate?



Ever notice that when something becomes popular all of a sudden there are about a million people who are experts about it? Seems everyone wants to jump on the band wagon and give (read sell) you a better version of it. And while many of these people are legitimate and will actually deliver what they say, there will always be a hoard of “imposters” who only want your money and to H… with the quality! Home schooling is one such program.  These “Scamsters” will charge you big bucks for something that is incomplete and probably aren’t even useful for your children. It is important you make sure your child is following a reliable curriculum. To do this you must look for accredited home school programs.



What is Home School Accreditation?


What are accredited homeschool programs? Think about it as a kinda official stamp of approval. An accreditation is your guarantee that your child is going to learn, at the very minimum. All the things he would have been taught in public school. All the regular topics are covered in the program. Once done your child will obtain a certificate of completion. This is basically the equivalent of a High School diploma. You usually receive written transcripts of your child’s grades through quarterly reports. Most all accredited homeschool programs will keep your child’s records for you.


Using homeschool program which has not been accredited runs the risk having your child miss out on important academic knowledge. And, most likely, the education he or she will receive will probably end up not being officially recognized. An accredited program really is the best way to go.



Your Choices for Accredited Homeschool programs


When choosing your Homeschool Program there are quite a number of programs that are available. These are a basic overview of the most popular options:


1.) Christian-oriented; most popular accredited homeschool programs. One of the most popular is Abeka’s homeschool program. Abeka’s program is heavily Bible themed and they use a lot of teachings, scriptures and biblical quotes into their lessons.

            The Bob Jones University program is another great Christian-oriented option. They’ve been reviewed many times as a very reliable provider. They cover all the necessary topics using very smooth and comprehensible style, yet keeps the lessons bible-themed.


There are many more accredited homeschool programs for you to choose from, by Saxon Publishing, Vegsource, Sonlight, and more. You must realize that programs which have been accredited tend to cost a little more. But when you think about all the advantages and assurances they bring it’s a must for Home Schooling. Of course in the end the best program will be the one with the best reviews… no, it will be the one best adapted to your child’s personality, aptitudes and needs.


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