The Money Making Myth

Exposing The Money Myth;By Telling It Like It Really Is

Exposing Three Money Making Myths
By Telling it like it Really Is

There are so many money-steal-ing myths about making money in business, handed

down for decades by the foolish and the unknowing. I’m going to burst the bubble of just

that you are not deceived by any of the three big ones I’m deflating here.

“Find a Need and fill it”

One of the most popular myths of all. It sure sounds like sound advice….but it’s not!

People will spend greater sums of money for things they “want” than for things they

need. Sound crazy, but it’s true. Take the internet for example, thousands and thousands

of products are sold that improve a person life. Everything from food to health care

products, and from clothing to insurance. So what are by far the hottest selling products?

or services on the web?

Pornography! It’s hard to believe any-one “needs” porn, yet over half of all the

pornographers. No, I’m not suggesting that you should have a porno website. I’m just

pointing out how “want” outsells “need” I could give you a thousands other examples on

how wants beat need. Here’s just a couple…many people need transportation correct?

But most folks pay many thousands of dollars more for autos that looks good and

are loaded with extra” want” but not “need” gadgets, than those who only buy good

cheap transportation. Men and women wear clothes because they need protection

from the elements and because nudity is unacceptable in almost all cultures. So is the

multi-billion dollar fashion industry just targeted on keeping us covered and protected?

Of coarse not!

The real money is being made in expensive fashions that constantly are

changing {especially for women} and in high-ticket designer clothing. Want almost

always wins over need. And you’ve got the marketing edge when you understand this. Of

course, the ultimate product, or service, would be one that folks both desperately want and


“Build a Better Mousetrap and the World Will Beat a Path to Your Door”

Good advice from a wise-old sage? Wrong! Sadly, Its bad advice from those who know

very little about getting products to market, and even less about turning a profit. You can

develop the world’s best moustap, skin-care proucts, books, software, or almost anything

else, and nobody will know about it, unless you start “yelling and selling” The Best way to

yell is to milk the media {print, radio, TV, and the Internet} for all the publicity
they will give you. The best way to sell is to place targeted advertising and do select


“You Can’t Get Rich Quick”

You’ve probably heard this, thousands of times in your life. Especially if you told friends

and relatives that you were go to start a business of your own. This is also standard advice

from most so-called “business experts and business school instructors.” While it is true, it

takes most entrepreneurs several years to build a successful business; I am constantly

amazed at how quickly some people do get rich. Get rich quick? Yes, it still happens in


In this exciting world of direct response marketing, I personally know and have

seen several people who have started with little more than a great idea and have became

millionaires in two years or less. Call that getting rich quick! Although it did take some of

the wealthiest more than a couple of years to achieve real success in business, I’ve now

discover a key “get rich factor” almost all the money some rich people made over the past.

Several years came quickly, when they jumped aboard a hot trend. When you are

not making money quickly, you are not doing the right thing. Making money slowly is

very hard work. And is not recommended by me my self Derrick Fuller! When you got

something hot -money flows quickly! Can you get rich quick? You bet you can! What

you need is a great idea, something that many people desperately want, and then a

willingness to market it nonstop. Fast wealth can also be yours if you’re among

first to recognize a great trend, and run with it. The street smart entrepreneur is always

searching for innovative ways to exploit “a hot trend” If you give people “what they want.”

Or fix a problem that is causing them un-comfort or misery, they will reward you for it

with their business. You see one must understand, folks want s and desires fulfilled, and

their pain {mental or physical} healed.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make money-and lots of it-quickly.

I’ve seen it happen many time, and encouraged it many times, and

even helped make it happen for some quality people I know…

Tell It Like It Really Is
I just wanted to give notice to telling it like it really is.

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