These Shirts Are Being Made Out of Luxury Hotel Bed Sheets That Were Discarded for Minor Wear and Tear

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While these white shirts may look like ordinary linens from a department store, they’re actually made from a common source of corporate waste: hotel bed sheets.

Sustainable clothing line Archivist is breathing new life into old retired hotel linens by turning them into comfortable work shirts and loungewear for men and women.

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Dutch entrepreneurs Eugenie Haitsma and Johannes Offerhaus launched the eco-friendly company after they felt inspired to investigate what happened to old hotel sheets.

They found at although the fabrics may be in near perfect condition, most hotel chains retire their bedding for minor holes and damages that can be very easily remedied or removed.

Archivist Shirt Released
Photo by Archivist

Upon learning about the wasteful lifecycle of the bedding, Offerhaus and Haitsma managed to save 200 kilograms (440 pounds) of fine Egyptian cotton hotel bedsheets from ending up in a landfill so they could re-tailor it all into sustainably sourced clothing.

“This project started when we managed to get hold of 200 kilos of luxury hotel bed linen from one of the most exclusive hotels in London,” reads the Archivist website. “With the fabric as a starting point, we collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of creatives and garment technicians to create a radically disruptive home wear label.”

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The company is currently offering just four different shirt designs, but they say they hope to expand their line as their company develops.

The shirts, which are free to ship within the EU, are priced around €150 ($164) a pop—and although the price tag may be slightly above typical consumer budgets, the company is still setting an example for how other designers can source their materials more responsibly.

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Photo by Archivist

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