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One of the best comedy movies of 2012, Pitch Perfect is a film about collegiate A Capella groups competing in a national singing competition.  While some may think the film is a Glee ripoff, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Instead this is a smartly written comedy that will keep you laughing throughout.  
Not only is this film a fantastic comedy but music fans will also enjoy the unusual mash-ups of songs from a wide range of genres and eras.  We have provided the original trailer here as well as one of scenes with an amazing mash-up of songs that will give you a glimpse of the brilliance of Pitch Perfect.  If you want to learn more about this outstanding film, check out our full Pitch Perfect review 
We have pulled together some of the best shirts we have found around the internet related to some of the funny lines from Pitch Perfect.  Check them out and vote for your favorite shirt at the end. 
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Aca-Awkward Merchandise

Aca-Awkward Merchandise

One of the funniest lines from the film, these Aca-Awkward shirts and products will have other fans of the film laughing on the street.
In addition to shirts and hoodies, there are also pajamas, jewelry, bags, bedding and more with several funny Pitch Perfect quotes. 

Don't Put me Down for the Cardio Products

Don’t Put me Down for the Cardio Products

Another great Fat Amy line from Pitch Perfect, this Don’t Put Me Down for the Cardio pajamas are just the ticket to keep your family and friends laughing.

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