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Loving Mother with a Masters Degree and no work in my field

My name is Amy. I’m a loving mother and a supportive wife. I spent over 6 years furthering my education and never thought that when I was done I wouldn’t be able to find a job in my field. After all I wanted to be a Guidance counselor and work with children young enough that I could help mold them into good students and eventually productive members of society. Life took a turn when school was complete and all teaching jobs in my area had a hiring freeze and I just couldn’t find work. My husband and I got married almost 5 years ago today and seeing him bare the responsibility of providing for our family by himself is something I struggled with. That’s when I started looking for a job, any job. I really wanted to work in my field because it’s something that I’m passionate about but I also desperately wanted to contribute to the families income! These economic times are hard for anyone and I needed to do what I could. How do you find a entry level position that covers the cost for day care? With day care prices so high a lot of the open jobs in my area just didn’t make sense. That’s when I started looking on line for an opportunity to make some extra money. I came across a company called Paid Online Writing and started with them. The start up cost was extremely minimal and they gave me all the tools to make extra money while I’m at home with my son doing a lot of things I was already doing. If your story sounds anything like mine or if you have a job but want to make some extra money to help make ends meet this is the opportunity for you. Click on the link below and see if this is something worth your time. I’m not promising you’ll be a millionaire but those checks are definitely a great help with my family and I feel like I’m contributing and seeing my husband finally relax “a little” is a great thing.


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