Truly Misjudged: The day in the life of a Pitbull

Would you like to know what a day is like being a Pitbull? Well I am going to personally give you the scoop. Not all Pitbull lives are like mine. Here goes….

My eyes open. I kick my legs out to stretch pushing my owner almost off the entire bed. She slightly wakes up looks at me with a “stop kicking me with your paws and taking up the entire bed” look and falls back asleep. HA HA HA, NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!!! I pounce on her and start licking her face until she fully awakens. This time she wakes up with a huge smile. Now she pounces on me and gives me the kisses all over my face. We roll around the bed playing for a while then it’s time to eat and go for a walk.
We step outside and it is soooo bright. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and children outside are playing. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy am I happy. I want to play with everyone!!!
My owner and I start walking but as we walk close to others, they seem to go to the other side of the street. They stay away from me like I did something wrong. I receive unpleasant looks as I pass by. Is it me? Am I a bad boy? I don’t know what I did that I am not getting the same love from the outside world as I do with my owner.
Finally the park…yeahhhh! I look around and see others that resemble me. I feel at home here. I play with others and we have a great time. I love this! Treats, running, fetch, rubbing my coat into the grass…Oh what fun!
I leave the park satisfied and know I will be returning again tomorrow. We get back home and I get a bath. I don’t really like this part but i get treats if I stand still. So I will do just that and stand in place. Now I am done. I get dried off and I chow down my treats. We head over to the living room to watch some t.v. I lay on my owners lap and she rubs my head and belly until I fall asleep.
No matter what they say about my breed, we are loyal loving animals that mean no harm. We are like children. We grow to be what you raised us to be. I only learned to do the things I do, good or bad because YOU taught them to me! Don’t judge me based on how I look and the bad things that you have heard about my kind. Instead use your heart and judge me accordingly. For I know I am loved unconditionally by my owner and was raised with love in my heart, to be her protector, playful, and gentle. I love my owner and I especially love being me- A PITBULL.

Sincerely yours,
Puthy the Pitbull 😉

I love being me! 😉

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