Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Skin Serums

Topical Vitamin C skin serums are the ideal method for getting more antioxidant fighting vitamin c into your skin. Topically appllied Vitamin c method is as much as 20 times more powerful for getting the vitamin c directly to where it needs to be, deep down in the dermis level of your skin.

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Vitamin C Serum Should Be A Crucial Part Of Your Daily Skin Care Regimen

Sun damage to the skin can be devastating. By applying a topical Vitamin C Serum to your skin, you are protecting your skin from possible sun damage. The sun has harmful, yet invisible UV rays that penetrate into your skin cells causing what is known as photo damage. Photo damage translates into premature aging of the skin. Using a high quality vitamin c serum will help to protect and restore your skin. It’s a very powerful antioxidant which fights off free radicals. Vitamin C serum should be used by anyone 35 years and older who want to preserve and protect their skin from premature aging.

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Vitamin C Serums And It’s Anti Aging Benefits

In order for your skin to remain taught and flexible as you age, you need to have a protein manufactured by your skin called collagen. Collagen is the glue that holds the skin cells together, and gives it the flexibility and elasticity that it needs. Without enough collagen to do the job, wrinkless begin to develop and the skin loses it’s elasticity.
Typically collagen production starts to decline as we get get older, especially at around 35 years of age. A high quality, properly blended Vitamin C serum will penetrate deep down into the skin cells where it will help to stimulate collagen production, thus improving the quality of your skin.

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Vitamin C Serums Are A Great Antioxidant And Free Radical Fighter

Everybody knows that Vitamin C serums are excellent when it comes to the subject of antioxidants. To fight the battle against aging skin, you need to have a strong antioxidant and free radical fighter, and a good Vitamin C serum is the way to go. Having the ability to counteract the damaging forces of free radicals, and having the ability to help the skin boost collagen production, is the ideal one-two punch that your skin needs to survive and flourish.
There are many studies that have been conducted over the years proving that vitamin c topically applied to the skin will boost collagen level proteins in ones skin. By stimulating the fibroblasts, boosted collagen levels will help reapir skin damage causing your skin to look better with a better and healthier radiant glow to it.

Not All Vitamin C Serums Are Created Equal. Buyer Beware

Not All Vitamin C Serums Are Created Equal. Buyer Beware

Vitamin C itself is a very unstable molecule, and if it is not in the right form and handled correctly the product is most likely useless if not harmful. There are a variety of Vitamin C serums sold today using the various forms of the Vitamin C molecules. Some of them are very good, but the majority of them should be avoided.
Vitamin C Serum does it’s magic at the cellular level where it becomes bio active, stimulating the cells to do their work in producing collagen and repairing DNA.  If the product was not stabilized, formulated properly and bottled properly you are just wasting your time. Buyer beware.

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