What you should know about your dog and the heat

Hot and humid weather/How to protect your dog from the sun rise

As people are effected by the sun so are the animals. It is a major health risk for people who has health problems such as; high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and other serious health issues. Older dogs are more effected by the hot humid heat but in any case all animals can be effected by the hot weather just as well. Some tips to keep your dog safe and protected from the hot degrees from the sun raze.

(1) Make sure your dog has plenty of water in their dish, put a few ice cubes in the water.

(2) Walk your dog in the early morn before the sun comes up or cool evening when the sun goes down.

(3) The hot tar roads can do damage to the dogs paws so make sure you clean your dog paws and wipe them with cool water or lift your dog up in your arms and carry them to a grassy area.

(4) If a dog is an outside dog, make sure the dog house is placed under a shady area or bring your dog in when the weather is too hot.

(5) May be you want to try to purchase a child’s pool so your dog can have it’s own swimming pool to cool off. Other wise: Try to keep your dog inside in the air conditioner.

In many ways keep your family pet out of the high rise of the hot weather, older dogs the hot humid heat can cause sun strokes as well in people who lives with serious health problems. Have a happy summer enjoying your dog summer time together being cool and safe and protected from the heat. Not only dogs are effected by the heat but cats are too.

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