The Wowwee REV 2 Car Set

Modern day technology has led to the development of some amazing devices and toys today. With each passing day different organizations come up with more interesting and enhanced things that always  light up the headlines. One of the most interesting toys you can get today is known as the Wowwee REV 2 Car Set. As the name suggests, this is a battle double car pack designed by Wowwee.

These cars have been lauded by several people on different platforms as the perfect toys for children. Most of the people who have bought them have not been disappointed and it is important for us to look at what makes these cars so good.

When you order for these cars, you get two REV (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles) cars. The cars are about sixteen centimeters long and in the package, you get a user manual. The cars operate using four batteries specifically the AA sized ones as specified in the manual. Although these toys are battery hungry, you do not need to buy batteries for the controllers since you use your smart device for the controls. This is one of the most interesting things about this toy.


On your smart device, all you need to do is to download the REV application and you can use it to search for the cars. Once you have found your car, you should go on and tap your device on the upper side of a car and the device takes over the controls of the car. The screen controls may not be familiar at the beginning but after some time, you will get used to them.

The REVs are very good cars due to their outstanding features. One of them is that they can drive, think, and even fight by themselves. They are simply intelligent devices and on another level. The other feature of these cars is that they can work on different type of surfaces.

When playing with these cars, you have two playing modes to choose from. The first one, the single player mode, enables you to play against some virtual drivers and bosses. These opponents have different sets of skill, special techniques, and weapons. Once you defeat these artificially intelligent opponents, you get to unlock those weapons and moves. In the second mode, the multiplayer one, you play against several cars in one instant. The cars can be either human ones or the artificially intelligent ones. The game modes in the multiplayer mode can be either individual or team based ones.

The cars are heavy and robust and this is very important considering that it is hard to prevent them from smashing into things time after time. Since Wowwee has no part in the controller hardware design and development, a huge chunk of the asking price has gone into the car. The cars are very interesting and fun to play with.

From the above information about the Wowwee REV 2 Car Set, there is no doubt that it is good bargain. If you want to get a good toy for your kids, this can be the best option.

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